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Plumpton College panorama, latest SD 2010Plumpton College in East Sussex is pleased to announce that it is now recognised as a Quality Assured Centre by The Greenkeepers Training Committee, (GTC).

Quality Assured Centres: The GTC maintains a list of GTC Quality Assured Centres, and employers and greenkeeping students are directed to this. The Centres offer Government approved sports turf courses and qualifications that have been developed by the GTC and other relevant organisations and, in many cases, attract funding support. Centres will offer qualifications in a variety of delivery options including part-time off the job provision, full-time courses, work based and on-line.

It is therefore important to research which provider and which course best suit the student's requirements and if a 'local' provider does not meet the needs, there is National provision available from a limited number of Approved Centres. The GTC is the independent organisation representing British golf club employers and greenkeepers through a Board of Directors, Technical Committee and employees.

Golf greenkeepers play a vital role in golf course maintenance and management. Training courses and qualifications are available to allow ambitious and enthusiastic greenkeepers to work towards becoming greenkeeping management professionals.

The GTC is dedicated to its objectives of improving and promoting the education and training of all golf greenkeepers. New golf courses are opening throughout Europe, to accommodate growing interest in the game. This means more opportunities for employment - and more chances for career advancement. A comprehensive training manual, published by the GTC in several European languages, helps guide greenkeepers through their chosen career in association with recognised training providers.

The GTC Headquarters has a committee consisting of representatives from British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association, English Golf Union, Scottish Golf Union and the Golf Union of Wales. This means that throughout Great Britain, the GTC can help you whether you are a golf club employer, greenkeeper, or thinking about a career in greenkeeping. The GTC supports the equality of opportunity for all groups of people and actively encourages all the golf clubs it represents to recruit in accordance with its Equal Opportunities Policy.

Plumpton College is situated in an extensive estate near to Brighton and close to London. It offers a range of vocational, landbased courses including bespoke training and apprenticeships. Taster courses are offered to those at school to inform about the courses and career opportunities available within the industries. Visit the website for further information :

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