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Indoor turntable 3.jpgA range of robust portable turntables capable of creating attention-grabbing displays within showrooms, exhibition halls and retail centres has been launched by British company, UK Turntables Ltd, based near Nantwich, Cheshire.

The five model range of UTURN display/exhibition turntables can be had in diameters of 3.6m, 3.8m, 4.1m, 5m and 6m, able to accommodate loads of up to 6,000kg. Rotation can be controlled by simple on/off switch, by push buttons or by optional remote sender, all systems giving intermittent or permanent turntable rotation at speeds of up to 1 rpm.

Suitable for temporary or semi-permanent installation on any firm, level surface, the UTURN display/exhibition range complements UK Turntables' existing line-up of in-ground turntables. These have been designed specifically for turning vehicles, plant and equipment through 360 degrees within their own length, making them ideal for driveways, parking areas and compounds of restricted size or with awkward access.

As an alternative to being used as a free-standing, above-ground unit, all UTURN indoor turntables can be enclosed by a raised platform to produce a level installation that sits flush with the surrounding floor.Indoor turntable.jpg

An important environmental feature of the UTURN turntable range is the availability of composite timber-effect platforms manufactured from recycled plastics. In addition to being low maintenance and virtually indestructible, the use of a platform made from recycled materials reduces pressure on landfill and other waste disposal channels. A wide range of alternative platform materials is available from UK Turntables, finished in any colour to suit customers' requirements.

Taking their power from a standard 240 volt three-pin electric socket, UTURN display/exhibition turntables can be assembled by two men in around four hours. A fully-dismantled turntable fits comfortably within a LWB Transit van or similar, and can be stored within a space measuring 1m long x 1m wide x 2m high for the three smallest models or 1m x 1m x 3m for the 5m and 6m diameter turntables.

Prices range from £5,500 (plus VAT) for a 3.6m diameter UTURN display/exhibition model to around £13,000 (plus VAT) for a 6m diameter model. Final price will depend on the type of control system and the material and final finish selected for the platform

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