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Notts Sport   Powerplay Instant Cricket SystemNotts Sport, the world's leading supplier of artificial cricket pitches, pulled out all the stops to deliver a school's new portable cricket system within a week of their order - and with a day to spare before the school's Royal visit!

When it comes to quick turn-around, Notts Sport is a clear winner - as just six days after supplying the quotation to St Bartholomew's School in Newbury, the company had delivered a Powerplay Instant Cricket System and a portable cricket mat to the school.

What's more, the system is so easy and quick to set up that students were able to get in some practice on the day of delivery itself - ahead of demonstrating their skills to the Countess of Wessex during her visit the following day.

Dave McGall, Head of General Education Faculty and master in charge of senior cricket, explains: "The school has only just moved into a new building and we now have four nets rather than the two we used to have in the old school.

"The old indoor mats had seen better days and gave little bounce and required taping down to be safe to use. Our building's new floor is sprung, so it's very forgiving for bowlers' run-ups but does not afford much bounce for the batsman. The cricket system has been a great solution for this and also takes spin very well.

"Many thanks to Notts Sport for getting the system to us so promptly in time for our Royal visit."
Exclusive to Notts Sport, the Powerplay Instant Cricket System opens up incredible opportunities for training and recreational matchplay on existing artificial turf surfaces - or indoors, as seen at St Bartholomew's.

The school offers weekly cricket net practices to all years on Tuesday evenings and it's no hassle to set up the system at the start of a session, because the pitch can be rolled out in just five minutes.

The durable synthetic turf surface of this pioneering system caters for both spin and seam, and offers good grip underfoot, while the surface colour enables the ball to be viewed more easily.

The Powerplay Instant Cricket System also comes complete with a special trolley to ensure the surface retains its shape and performance characteristics between games - and makes it easy to move, install and store.

For operators and managers of existing artificial turf facilities, it opens up a whole new range of revenue-generation possibilities.

And with many artificial turf pitches already installed under floodlights, the new system makes floodlit cricket accessible to all.

The Powerplay Instant Cricket System is particularly useful in urban environments or where traditional cricket pitches just aren't an option and is a fantastic new way to encourage people of all ages to discover and enjoy cricket.

Shaun Patrick, Chairman of Notts Sport, said: "We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, and turning around the order for St Bartholomew's School so quickly in time for their Royal visit was all part of the service.

"We're thrilled that the school is so pleased with its new Powerplay Instant Cricket system, which is a unique way to offer cricket indoors or out, for coaching, practice and matchplay - and all set up or packed away in an instant!"

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