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S8000599.JPGIt makes a refreshing change that positive financial success in the USA results in price reductions for the UK. However, JSM Distribution has announced just that for their Sand Storm screening system. Still a relatively new introduction into the UK, the increasing sales in its home market of the USA has led to efficiency gains in manufacturing; put this together with a weak dollar and prices can come down.

'We have had a lot of interest since launching the product in the UK markets', says David Cole, 'But customer feed back has also told us that the pricing was a little higher than they expected for this type of product, despite its build quality and longevity. Unfortunately, it has taken a while for circumstance to allow us to respond to these concerns. We are very pleased now that both models have been reduced to a RRP of £4,995 +VAT - a saving of £1,800'.

Principally aimed at the renovation of golf course bunkers, the sand storm can also handle other materials that may benefit from a screening process. Vibrating screens on the Sand Storm work to remove debris such as leaves, twigs, needles, weeds, stone and clay particles. The screens will also trap silt deposits on their surface, allowing for wash off and removal. The process remixes the sand particles and 'fluffs' it to a like new condition. Eliminating settling and compaction as well as cleaning away unwelcome contamination the Sand Storm can dramatically improve the playing characteristics of the bunker and reduce the need for major sand replacement or renovation programmes where bunker contamination is a headache.

The Sand Storm is available from JSM Distribution. Lo-Call 0845 026 0064.

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