Pro-Cast & Wiedenmann double improves efficiency for Greentech Sportsturf

Val Grahamin Machinery & Mechanics

Greentech Sportsturf, based in Stirling, combines a construction company with a separate sales operation for specialist turf products, including quality seed and sand.

In May, their construction team pre-empted a busy summer of renovations with a timely purchase of a Pro-Cast PC 4 bulk top dresser and a Wiedenmann Terra Spike XD 8 deep aerator from dealer, Fairways GM's Glasgow depot.

Contract Foremen Ryan Melling and Gary Leonard received the machines from Wiedenmann UK's Scottish Sales Manager, Mike James.

"The machines landed in the yard just as renovation season took off," said Gary Leonard, "Pretty much, that's the only time, they've been idle as they are now either on site or in transit."

Greentech's clients include professional and amateur clubs as well as a host of schools' projects from full grow-in and establishment works to maintenance visits.

Left Ryan Melling, Mike James, centre and Gary Leonard right

"When we chose the top dresser, we considered both the PC 3 and PC 4 versions. The PC 4 won because its 3,500-litre capacity brought more efficiency. We took the optional PTO pump and tank system so everything was self-contained. The twin spinners have a reach of about 16 m and spin sand consistently and evenly. It's doing a great job," said Gary.

"The XD 8 is our first Wiedenmann aerator and its strong and dependable. Reliability is important because when you are in the thick of a job you don't want any breakdowns.

"In a typical renovation project, the Terra Spike comes into its own at the end of the sequence with a good deep spike and gives everything a final iron. Changing tines is a lot easier than before and they can get down 275 mm. Getting spare tines is easy and there's plenty guidance available from the Fairways GM team."