Problems with compacted sand in artificial turf?

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Problems with compacted sand in artificial turf?

Kersten's K2000 Surfacemaster provides the answer

Artificially surfaced tennis courts, sports fields, play areas, football pitches, golf course practice zones and the like all suffer at some time from sand filling infected by algae spores emanating from decaying organic matter. When infected the filling becomes sticky and slippery whilst wet, hardens when dry and a serious hazard to all using the facility. For those in charge of grounds maintenance removal and replacement of the sand is a time consuming problem that must be dealt with.

Kersten's K2000 Surfacemaster has now been developed to carry out the task of surface cleaning, levelling and even sand removal/replacement in a speedy and efficient manner, making all previous practices obsolete. Of particular note amongst the machine's many features is the special filter that allows debris to be safely deposited into the collector and an adjustable brush speed/height for when used purely for the sweeping of debris. For additional operator comfort the unit can be supplied with a ride-on attachment. Powered by a Honda 9hp motor the K2000 Surfacemaster has a reliable and surprisingly quiet hydraulic self-propelled transmission system, dispensing with the need for gearbox, clutch, belts and levers.

The Kersten K2000 Surfacemaster can be seen on the website of Kersten UK, www. or further information can be had by contacting Kersten UK, The Byre, Goodboys Lane, Mortimer, Reading RG7 3AH Tel: 0118 9834337 Fax: 0118 9834512 E-mail:

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