Propiconazole based fungicides to be withdrawn from EU use

Mark Sandersonin Chemicals & Fertilisers

The EU Commission has announced its decision not to renew the approval for the fungicide active ingredient, propiconazole.

As a result, all products containing propiconazole for any market, including turf management and crop protection, will be withdrawn from sale over the coming months.

For turf managers, the Syngenta fungicides affected by this EU decision will be:

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Under the non-renewal regulations, the following key dates will implicate the final opportunity to buy and use any propiconazole-based fungicides in the UK and Ireland:

Syngenta is disappointed by the EU Commission decision, and maintains the position that propiconazole does not pose a risk to human health or the environment, when used in accordance with current label recommendations.

Syngenta continues to invest in turf specific R&D to ensure a range of state-of-the-art products will be available to the turf industry, to support their businesses.

Following on from the recent introduction of Instrata Elite, Syngenta hopes to launch another new fungicide early in 2019. Based on innovative new chemistry it is already in the regulatory authority registration process, and offers an exciting replacement for propiconazole products. Trials show it delivers effective and broad spectrum activity with lower active ingredient loading.

Along with Syngenta's renowned technical support and funding of independent industry research, turf managers can be confident of the continued capability to maintain high quality playing surfaces.