‘Protection Tunnel’ practice nets spell enhanced safety for batter and bowler

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Protection Tunnel 1Total-play Ltd, the company behind the ECB approved tp365 synthetic cricket surface for match and practice play and the groundbreaking range of Climate Cover™ ground sheets and germination covers, has once again raised the bar with the development of its new 'Protection Tunnel' practice net system.

Drawing on the expertise of its team, which combines the knowledge of ex-cricketers and experienced groundsmen with a scientific approach, the company's latest offering promises improved player safety. Comprising one seamless piece of netting secured by tension wires and fixed metal hooks, 'Protection Tunnel' prevents balls from escaping practice lanes via gaps in fatigued or poorly secured netting.
David Bates, MD of total-play Ltd says:

"Gaps at the edges of netting carry a risk of high speed balls escaping into neighbouring lanes and causing unnecessary injuries. We've addressed this with the launch of Protection Tunnel; now individual lanes are cocooned in their own seamless 'tunnel' of netting which, firmly secured by a system of tensioning wires and fixed metal hooks, means that gaps don't appear; therefore providing effective protection against errant flying balls."

In addition to enhanced player safety, Protection Tunnel also offers benefits from a maintenance perspective. Tension wires spread the strain of high winds across the entire net, as opposed to specific pressure points and ties as is common with traditionally fixed netting, thus minimising the risk of the nets failing at isolated points. The tension wire suspension also means that the net can be quickly and easily removed, simply by loosening the wires and detaching from the hooks, making for easy storage during winter months.

Available with an optional maintenance package that will see total-play Ltd's team of installers make ready the net for the beginning of the season and remove it again for storage at the end of summer, thoroughly checking the net for any repairs that may be required out of season.

For more information on Protection Tunnel visit www.total-play.co.uk or, to discuss your individual needs in more detail, call 01604 864575.

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