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JW Hacker and MK Harbridgein Consultancy

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PSD are an independent consultancy company that can offer practical solutions for every type of sports surface, natural and synthetic.

The expertise of PSD reaches well beyond turf, with skills in soil assessment, effective site drainage, feasibility studies, contract management, plus everything that causes grass to grow and water to flow. The service each PSD consultant provides is always hands-on and personalised. Each task is programmed in a way that ensures the client`s best interest is top of the agenda.

Though nothing seems straight forward these days, PSD specialists are practical problem solvers, hand picked for their technical skills in agronomy, soil science, ecology and environmental issues.

PSD have successfully brought to completion over 20 major stadium pitches, 8 training grounds/soccer academies, 50 new golf courses or course extensions and numerous sports complexes. In addition, the team continues to advise on a wide range of sports surfaces for many different clients, including 27 race courses in the UK and Ireland.

Mike Harbridge and John Hacker of PSD are fully committed in their support of They believe it offers a quick and simple mechanism by which information and advice on all aspects of turf care can be accessed. It will provide a means by which up to date information can be sourced at the press of a button.

For further information on PSD services you can call 01772 884450.
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