Queen of the South threaten to eject fans who feed seagulls at Palmerston Park

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Queen of the South threaten to eject fans who feed seagulls at Palmerston Park. The Doonhamers have said they face a "pretty much impossible task" in dealing with the issue.

Artist's impression (Image: SNS Group/Gabriel McKay)

Fans caught feeding seagulls have been warned they will be thrown out of Queen of the South's stadium.

The Dumfries side have issued the ultimatum ahead of their first home league game of this season's Championship at Palmerston Park.

The seagull issue has been ongoing since complaints were raised after their Betfred Cup tie against Motherwell last month over mess and general nuisance caused by the birds.

The Doonhamers have now turned to their fans to try and enlist their help in combating the menace of the flying pests by disposing of waste food in bins.

The club have already tried various methods to deal with the issue such as flying Kites - the bird of prey variety - above the ground and playing bird of prey sounds over the PA, but so far, nothing has driven away the determined avians.

The seagulls have been a constant presence since, resulting in staff having to occupy the pitch late at night to try and stop them from roosting on the pitch, with Groundsman Kevin McCormick said to have been up until 23.30 on a Friday night trying to chase seagulls away.

Now, the club are resorting to drafting in the fans to help and have threatened expulsion if anyone encourages the birds.

The club said: "In order to minimise the impact of the seagulls on everyone's enjoyment of the game, please do not feed them and please use the bins provided for all waste food."

"Please consider your fellow supporters."

"If you are seen to be deliberately feeding the seagulls you will be removed from the ground."

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