R & K Kensett launch the TB200 Contra-Brush

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tb200 Stand B29

New on the Kensett stand this year is the TB200 Contra-Brush - a robust and easy to use multi-functional machine which works well with all grass types.

It performs equally well at any cutting height and is fully adjustable, brushing up the longer coarse blades so that they can be mowed off.

Continual grooming creates a fine texture to the putting surface and allows the ball to roll on the vertical cut ends of the turf, which results in a smoother, faster ball roll. It also opens the sward, enabling increased light and air exposure which results in less likelihood of disease.

There is no physical injury to the plant even when making multiple passes with the brush and it eliminates the bruising and stress that result from a vertical mowing.

Used after hollow coring, it completely fills aeration holes with sand in 2 or 3 passes and not only saves green keepers valuable time and effort, it also reduces the amount of sand needed by up to 25%.

Both time and money can be saved on resurfacing reels and bedknives, as the TB200 places the sand under the sward, meaning that much less is picked up by cutting units.

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