Rain Bird launch waterproofed connector

Steve Gibbsin Drainage & Irrigation

For low voltage irrigation connections

Rain Bird say that keeping connections secure and waterproof is essential for any irrigation control system if costly maintenance or repair call outs are to be avoided.

Now, for low voltage irrigation connections up to 30 volts, the company has announced the launch of the DBM10 quick connect wire connector. Designed for residential and small commercial applications, it provides a waterproof connection with a simple twist-on-wire nut. There is there is no need to strip or pre-twist the wires.
The DBM10 has a UL 486C rating for the use of sealed connector systems in damp or wet conditions. It is prefilled with a silicone sealant that the company says completely surrounds the wire splice, holding it firmly in place and making it permanently waterproof. The connector contains up to 75% more silicone than other competitive products with the extra silicone completely filling the connector and thereby preventing any water pooling inside.

Rain Bird say that waterproofing is further ensured by the snap fit lid which also prevents strain on the splice. A translucent green depression cap allows connections to be checked. Its one piece blade ensures good current flow between its conductors.
The DBM10 is UV, impact and flame resistant with an operating temperature up to 105º degrees C. Its toughness has been further highlighted in pull-out tests where an average of 10% more force was required to even move the wire nut from the bottom of the connector to the lid. This obviates the need for any additional locking feature. During destruction tests, the company says the wire outside the DBM 10 connector broke before the wire splice inside the connector.


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