Rain cover demonstration day at Ipswich

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Rain Cover Demonstration

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At 10am on Thursday 25th September at Portman Road Ipswich, you are cordially invited to watch the MacLeod rain cover system in operation.

Rain covers have been in use for many, many years, the first MacLeod systems were installed at clubs such as QPR, Middlesbrough and Filbert Street, the old home of Leicester City at the beginning of the 90's. These systems were originally very difficult to manage, incurring high labour costs.

Over the years rain covers have been developed to become far more efficient management tools, where Groundsmen can cover an entire pitch with ease prior to inclement weather and more importantly remove the cover quickly prior to the match.

Various techniques have been used in pulling out and removing covers, large rollers, inflatable sausages and of course manpower. Materials have also improved, the original sheets were heavy and degraded in the sunlight, they were also bulky to store. These days the sheets have good UV tolerances and are much lighter, but far stronger in design.

If you would like to see pictures and a summary of the new working system at Ipswich, please click here.

To book your place at Portman Road please ring Sports Stadia Services on 01604 626216 or e-mail sss@dial.pipex.com

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