Range of lithium-powered utility vehicles from STAR EV lands in UK

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The award-winning turfcare machinery and equipment distributor Reesink UK has launched a new division dedicated solely to electric utility vehicles. Named Reesink e-Vehicles, it introduces to the UK another award-winning brand - STAR EV and its extensive and compelling range of lithium and sealed battery-powered utility vehicles.

Responding to market demands associated to environmental concerns spans all industries and is an area Reesink was very much focussed on in 2020 with the launch of the Toro Greensmaster eTriFlex 3370 mower and the industry's first all-electric compact tractor, the Farmtrac FT25G.

David Cole, managing director of Reesink UK, says: "We're focused on introducing battery-powered machinery options to the UK turfcare market. Such products have been extremely well-received and this is the direction of travel for environmentally friendly technology at the moment, one we recognise will only gain more traction."

"The globe is focussed on reducing fuel consumption and heading towards electric transportation as the next transitional step. There simply has to be the choice to buy electric and we identified a gap in our offering for a comprehensive range of electric utility vehicles to complement the Toro Workman GTXe we have just rolled out here in the UK."

Perfect for golf clubs, sports stadiums and training grounds, leisure resorts and landscapers, the STAR EV range of 28 lithium and sealed battery-powered utility vehicles includes golf buggies and small, medium and large capacity electric UTVs for carrying materials, and people carriers for 4-22 people.

David continues: "Wherever you are and whatever sector you're in, the ability to work more quietly, earlier and for longer will be an advantage. Specifically, golf course and golf resorts with guest rooms or neighbouring residential areas or urban sports stadiums and training grounds will notice a big difference by switching to electric power."

"This has a direct advantage to sales and customer service, for example, the addition of this range means that through Reesink, not only can cutting start earlier to bring forward tee times with no dispute from neighbours, but other maintenance operations requiring transport of staff or materials can get around the course earlier too."

When it came to finding a partner who could deliver the electric solution Reesink was looking for, it was a conversation with STAR EV at BTME in 2020 that lead the company to where it is today.

David continues: "I first came into contact with STAR EV at BTME and our discussions continued from there. It didn't take long for it to become transparent that the brand delivered everything we were looking for. It's a brand that delivers strong technology, innovation, breadth of range, value proposition and importantly - peak performance."

"Specifically though, we were looking for an electric range with rapid charge, a good mileage per charge, an extensive warranty - up to six years on batteries - along with the usual no more emissions and no more pollution stance. It's no surprise that STAR EV is an award-winning company in the USA and we're excited to partner with them."

Jane Zhang, CEO and owner of STAR EV Corporation, says: "STAR EV Corporation is delighted to be partnering with Reesink, under their new EV division, with an exclusive agreement for the UK and Ireland. Reesink has many strong and proven business relationships across a wide variety of sectors and the company's history and knowledge of turf and recreational outdoor products makes them the perfect partner to represent STAR. STAR looks forward to Reesink delivering to its customer base a fantastic range of ever evolving, and world-renowned electrical vehicles, growing both our brands."

Electric-powered technology is a fundamental part of the transport and equipment future. Already growing rapidly, with customers keen to switch, the market will want choice, and that's exactly what Reesink e-Vehicles plans to deliver. There will be a new team developed around the new division, plus a new website and branding, but for now further information can be requested by contacting Reesink e-Vehicles on 01480 226800 or via your usual Reesink contact with demonstrations available now.

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