Ransomes Jacobsen introduces 15- blade cutting cylinder

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15 blade reel   End BRansomes Jacobsen, the turf maintenance equipment manufacturer based in Ipswich, UK, has introduced the industry's first 15-blade cutting cylinder, designed to provide increased productivity, a superior quality of cut and optimum turf health.

The new Jacobsen Classic XP 15-blade cutting cylinder provides superior performance and increased benefits for the Jacobsen range of Eclipse greens mowers - the Eclipse 100 walk-behind F-series (floating head) and the new Eclipse 322 ride-on series.

All Eclipse mowers feature independent electric motors which control the traction and the cutting cylinders. Using electronics it is possible to maintain frequency of cut (FOC) independent to operational mow speed. This means that no matter who is operating the mower, the FOC set by the course manager or technician will be maintained across all greens at all speeds.

By utilising the new Jacobsen Classic XP 15-blade cutting cylinder the desired FOC and cutting cylinder speed can be maintained, while operating mow speed can be increased up to 36%, substantially increasing productivity.

The additional blades provide a tighter FOC, reducing stragglers, yielding a smoother surface and delivering the ability to raise the height of cut without compromising ball speed. This superior quality of cut is a significant feature and one that will be welcomed by course managers and greenkeepers around the globe.

15 blade reel   Multiple BRaising the height of cut minimises damage and stress on the turf, can result in a reduction of water usage and treatment costs, which all help promote optimum turf health.

The introduction of the new 15-blade cutting cylinder is a continuation of the Classic XP cutting cylinder technology. Precision engineered and tuned, Classic XP cutting cylinders stay true and maintain consistent rotation within their centre point. They also feature Advanced Relief Technology with 45-degree relief, which delivers less wear and abrasion and significantly extends the life of the blades.

Jacobsen conducted thorough testing of these new cutting cylinders at numerous golf courses around the world. One of these was the Quail Hollow Club in North Carolina, which hosted the recent Wells Fargo Championship in May. They have been testing the new cutting cylinders since June 2010 and head technician Jerry Blackwelder said,

"We found a significant improvement in our putting surfaces when we used the 15-blade cutting cylinders in our Eclipse walking mowers. We were also able to increase our walking speed and productivity, but maintain the desired frequency of cut."

Richard Comely, Ransomes Jacobsen's Director of Product Management added, "Using the new Jacobsen Classic XP™ 15-blade cutting cylinder in conjunction with the Jacobsen Eclipse greens mowers, provides course managers with the ability to fine tune the link between operating mow speed, cutting cylinder speed and height of cut to achieve tournament-standard greens. We see this as another innovative solution to ensure consistency of play across all greens."


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