Ransomes spider puts grass into a spin

Laurence Gale MScin Parks

Ransomes spider puts grass into a spin

By Laurence Gale MSc


Ransomes Jacobsen have launched its first fully remote controlled mower. The brightly yellow coloured spider mower certainly attracted the crowds at this years Saltex show. The mower was paraded and shown off working its way up and down a steep 40 degree exhibition slope at the show. The unit is powered by a 4 stroke, 17 hp two cylinder Kawasaki petrol engine. The power is transferred into four separate wheel drives that can be steered independently making the unit very manoeuvrable.saltex-spider-2.jpg

The cutting width of the spider is 800mm, with height adjustments ranging from 80mm-130mm. The concept was to provide the industry with a safe method of mowing steep and awkward banks. The spider is controlled by a radio frequency handset that can operate up to a range of 50 metres.

The major selling point of this product is operator safety. The spider can be fitted with additional accessories such as warning lights and signs making the unit easily visible when working in public places. The spider retails at about £15500. I am sure there will be plenty of gardeners/groundsmen queuing up to be the first to use this mower.

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