Rapid germination at new home

Lee Jacksonin Football

Rapid Germination at Our New Home

By Lee Jackson

CoMSJune03no3.jpgThe pitch was only seeded nine days ago, and the Barenbrug seed mixture is already showing good signs of germination on the new surface. The contractors (Mallinsons) are still in charge of the pitch until the sward is fully established, at which point the pitch will be officially handed over to usCoMSJune03no1.jpg

The construction of the new stadium itself is now virtually complete with only the 'fitting out' of certain areas, left to be completed. Looking at the stadium now, it is hard to believe that the stand shown in this picture wasn't actually there for the Commonwealth Games having since replaced the temporary structure that was in its place.


With less than two weeks now before we finally move into the stadium ourselves, I'm now chomping at the bit. None of us can wait to get in and sort things out. It's like moving house, getting things set up how we want and get to grips with this new and marvellous environment known as a 'wrap around' stadia!
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