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Joan Ruddock using recycling binPeople will soon find it easier to recycle when they're out and about, with a new campaign launched by Defra today.

'Recycle on the Go' aims to put accessible recycling bins in public places. A good practice guide and a code of practice will help those responsible for public places to make recycling easy and accessible. Wherever possible bins will feature the familiar Recycle Now signage so people can easily identify where and how to recycle their cans, bottles and paper.

Environment Minister, Joan Ruddock said: "We need to take recycling beyond the office and home into our public spaces - that's what this initiative is about.

"We know that most canned and bottled drinks are consumed outside the home, when people are out and about. Even the most dedicated recycler is unlikely to take these home with them and add them to their household recycling. Often, the only responsible option is to put them in litter bins, and this means that large quantities of aluminium, plastic and glass are slipping through the net and effectively become rubbish, end up in landfill, and are lost as a resource.

"Recycle on the Go is about making recycling a natural part of everyday life no matter where people are. But the bigger issue here is about a pushing a behaviour change around how people dispose litter when they're away from the home."

The Royal Parks will be rolling out a recycling bin pilot in Hyde Park over the next three months - keep an eye out for recycling bins in your local area.

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