Recycling Wash-Off Systems

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ashford gc If you are considering upgrading your wash-off area to comply with the new Groundwater Regulations, make sure you call by to discuss your requirements with our experts and view one of our systems, which will be on show.

We know you've got a choice of systems, but think we've got it about right, as our systems have evolved from years of positive customer feedback. With thousands of installations worldwide our experience in wastewater treatment is second to none.

Above ground installation allows easy maintenance and ensures you don't have to worry about possible future changes in underground storage legislation. The robust and innovative design means there's no need to install the system in a building or container either.

The Waste2Water "Drought-Proof Recycling Wash-Off System is the perfect answer if you are in a drought threatened area. Authorised for use even under drought restrictions they fully comply with all current and future anticipated Groundwater Regulations.

Come and have a chat and see what you think of our new Chemical Store and Chemical Mixing Tank at the same time. If you use liquid fertilisers or soluble granules, we've got the just the thing to save you time and money!

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