Referee Takes Action Against Illegal Marking

Steve Landickin Football

jersey-steve-landick.jpgReferees often come under the spotlight in football for not taking action, especially in the eyes of the Groundsmen.

In a Jersey Football Combination Division 1 match held at one of Jersey's main sporting venues, The FB Playing Fields, the referee took action before the game started by cautioning one of the goalkeepers for marking the top of his six-yard box.

The match between Jersey Nomads FC and St Brelade FC were playing the first game of the season, on the newly marked out senior pitch at the venue. As the referee was checking the nets and pitch before the start of the match he noticed the Jersey Nomads goalkeeper marking a four-foot long groove at on the middle of the six-yard box.

As the referee approached the keeper, he said he had made an illegal mark and asked his name as he was cautioning him. A perplexed goalkeeper gave his name and hence received the caution. The manager and captain were not very happy saying he did not mean to do it.

The goalkeeper had picked the wrong referee to mark the pitch, as it was Steve Landick, Playing Fields Manager for the States of Jersey, who is also a Senior County Referee.

Steve (left) said his staff had put in many hours of hard work into preparing the pitch, as it had been part of the cricket outfield only seven days before. The weather during the week had not been kind to the staff, who carried out some of the work in the torrential rain to get the pitch ready and playable.

So, when a player blatantly vandalises the pitch before the game started there was only ever going to be one result.

Steve added he would like to see other referees take similar action at all levels.

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