Remote treats the parts that others cannot reach

Carol Duttonin Parks

Terrain AerationTerrain Aeration launch their new Remote Terralift machine, the lightest, smallest most manoeuvrable member of the Airforce fleet to date.

Pedestrian operated, 60 cms wide and weighing in at just 80 kilos, the Remote Terralift can be carried up steps, turned around tight corners and taken through the narrowest entrances with ease.

Like Tracker and Scamper this latest machine leaves the engine and compressor unit, (attached by an umbilical air hose) on the trailer, while performing one-metre deep de-compaction treatment with a range of air pressures, from 10 to 20 bar, regulated by the operator. With minimal surface disruption and the ability to inject nutrients, water-storing polymers or mycorrhizal fungi, the addition of the Remote Terralift means that this specialised aeration treatment is now available for the smallest, most difficult to access areas.

Built to fulfil a demand, the new Remote Terralift has been designed for back gardens, trees, shrub beds, golf courses, parks, sports grounds, retail sites or anywhere with compaction and drainage problems in a tight spot.

Terrain Aeration will be demonstrating the company's full range of Airforce Terralift machines during the show, and offering a 15% discount for work booked over the three days.

Visit stand DA B40/46 or contact the company on Tel: 01449 673783 Website:

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