Replay Launches Reportal Online System to Record Artificial Maintenance

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Replay Maintenance has always been at the forefront of advances within the synthetic sports surface market.

Replay Rejuvenation, Aquatrax and Replay Revive are all industry leading processes that have helped shape modern techniques for synthetic sport surface maintenance.

Now, the company has made another strive forward with the launch of Replay Reportal - a secure online system that allows each facility to view all of the records produced by Replay Maintenance pertinent to the customer and their surface.

Individual logins and passwords will be generated for each customer so that they will be the only one to see the information that is held for their site.

Any document produced by Replay Maintenance will be held on the Reportal system for customers to view at their leisure.

The knowledgeable team in the office will alert customers whenever there is a new addition to the file, and if further action is required guidance notes will be added to advise of the best maintenance recommendation for the surface.

Garry Martin, Director of Replay Maintenance said: "We will, of course, continue to issue physical reports and audits but hope that by implementing the Replay Reportal system; it will streamline our relationship with customers and give them full access to all of the data produced - eventually alleviating the need for physical hard-copy files.

The launch of Replay Reportal further enhances our reputation as one of the UK's leading artificial pitch maintenance providers."

You can register for Replay Reportal Online.

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