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DEVELOPING great new grass mixes for Greenkeepers are leading seed agent Rigby Taylor and major seed research experts Top Green. Presentation is what golf is all about and this is down to the grass cultivars selected. Working in close association these teams ensure they develop and distribute the highest quality cultivars, suited to every sport and amenity situation.

"Rigby Taylor is out in the field meeting Greenkeepers and discussing with them the specific problems they experience on their courses," says Brian Robinson, Seed Research Director. "Their comments and input are then incorporated into the selection of cultivars for use in the appropriate Mascot range."

Seeds of change


Stephen Alderton, Marketing Manager for Top Green says:" Improved cultivars can then be continually coming on-stream to take into account end-users long-term requirements. "Climate change and reduction in chemical usage are key issues which can be addressed through careful cultivar development. "We work with known characteristics of the cultivar and dovetail these with the Greenkeepers' new requirements for grasses. "Years ago Greenkeepers had to be convinced that we could develop ryegrasses suitable for golf course use. And we did. "Through continuous developments and extensive trials we now have an excellent portfolio, including the new smooth stalked meadow grass Greenknight."


Good for tees Greenknight will be listed in the 2005 STRI list for the first time. Coming out of an American programme this variety caught Top Green's eye due to its deep green colour. Initially destined for their South European markets it performed so outstandingly at the Les Alleuds trial site it was decided to put it into Bingley. "Results from the Bingley trials were again excellent and confirmed the performance that we saw in France," says Stephen. "This smooth stalked meadow grass has good ground cover under wear making it highly suitable for use on tees."

Greenknight showed the best shade tolerance at Les Alleuds.


A superior perennial ryegrass with exceptional wear resistance, vital for the heavy demands of golf, Greenflash has another ace to play - its slow re-growth characteristics. Reduced clippings gives considerable savings, not only in terms of reduced maintenance, but also in the cost associated with the disposal of grass clippings. Tests carried out using more than twenty varieties demonstrated average clippings per cut weighed 140gms, with Greenflash this reduced to a phenomenal 20gms. Performing well in the shade it is also outstanding for its density and fineness of leaf characteristics.

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RIGBY TAYLOR, The Riverway Estate, Peasmarsh, Guildford, Surrey GU3 1LZ

Contact: Brian Robinson, Seed Research Director, Rigby Taylor (UK) mobile 07774 888588 or Doreen Payne, Grass Seed Co-ordinator on 01483 446907

TOP GREEN, ZA Les Pains, 49320 Les Alleuds, France

Contact: Stephen Alderton, Marketing Manager, Top Green (France) Tel/Fax:0033 241 689905 or e-mail: stephen.alderton@limagrain.com

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