RIKO launch innovative remote banks mower

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Green Climber Remote workingInnovative, exciting and new to the UK, the patented remote controlled Green Climber is a fast, versatile, incredibly strong machine for mowing and maintaining steep ground and roadside verges.

Stephen Cabrol from Riko is the UK importer and he believes the exceptional qualities of the Green Climber will create a lot of interest amongst groundscare and turf professionals.

Green Climber banks and verge mower

The multi-purpose Green Climber takes a multitude of implements: including flail, snow blower, snow blade, and sweeper (opt collector) with many more options planned for the future.

"This is the first remotely operated banks mower which is genuinely strong enough to tackle whatever our verges can throw at it, says Stephen.

It is incredibly robust, with a very fast work rate - up to 10 times faster than conventional methods. It is also narrow enough for areas with restricted access and can be easily transported."

Green Climber workingFully remote up to a distance of 300 metres the Green Climber is controlled via a lightweight waist mounted control box. You can start/stop the engine, change the acceleration, and operate all the lifting, tilting and side-shifting actions of the numerous accessories.

With an overall height of 1200 mm, length of 2050 mm and weighing 1130 kg, it is easy to manoeuvre and agile enough to avoid obstacles such as trees and road signs. The self-cleaning radiator minimises potential down time.

The expandable undercarriage extends width ways to give the tracks an extra 380 mm over its standard 1300 mm working width. This coupled with its very low centre of gravity gives unbeatable stability on steep slopes. It allows you to work in complete safety on gradients as steep as 55degree inclines.

Expandable undercarriage

Another safety feature is the self-correcting steering system which automatically corrects the angle when traversing slopes.

All in all the Green Climber from RIKO is a unique, multi-tasking workhorse, that will provide a safe, user friendly machine for tackling arduous but essential maintenance jobs.

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