Rink from Redexim revolutionising topdressing for Lymington Golf Centre

Louise Challissin Machinery & Mechanics

With the goal of improving the resilience and year-round playability of the greens, Lymington Golf Centre have purchased a Rink DS800 from Redexim to improve both the frequency and effectiveness of topdressing. Just a few months into his new programme of pencil tining, topdressing and incorporating the sand into the profile with the help of the Redexim Speed-Brush, Course Manager Brian Goodall is already noticing an increase in greens speed and the recovery of some weaker course areas.

Course Manager Brian Goodall

Overlooking The Solent and out to the Isle of Wight, the nine USGA spec greens at Lymington Golf Centre saw a big increase in footfall during 2020. The ongoing resurgence in demand for golf was a big contributor in the purchase of the Rink, from local dealer Hunts Forest Group at the end of last year. "I was keen to improve the condition of a few key course areas, one of which was the greens, to not only improve the playing experience but also help them to cope with the increase in rounds" explains Brian, who oversaw the conversion of 50 acres of farmland into the golf course 16 years ago.

"We had been using a contractor for topdressing previously, the issue being that the day you're booked in isn't necessarily the best day to conduct that sort of operation. Several other greenkeepers recommended the Rink from Redexim, and after other testimonials from Hunts and a local contractor I made the purchase." Brian opted for the DS800 trailed model, featuring a 0.8m3 hopper capacity, variable spreading widths of between 2m and 12m, and spreading thicknesses of 0.5 to 15mm.

The DS800 has already completed two operations across all nine greens since its delivery, with Brian planning to topdress between four and six times a year. "It's got a great range of adjustments and is so simple to use. Compared to the drop-dresser that our contractor used which could only cover 1.5m at a time, the Rink being a disc spreader means that in three or four passes you're done and moving onto the next green! We follow the Rink with the Redexim Speed-Brush to work the sand down into the profile and are already seeing truer, faster greens, less susceptible to pitch marks and more wear tolerant which puts us in good stead for the season ahead."