Roll on Summer

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Roll on Summer
With the memories of last year's Cricket successes still fresh in their minds, the groundstaff at the famous Edgbaston Cricket Ground, the home of Warwickshire Cricket, have started in earnest preparing the wicket for this season's matches.

Steve Rouse has been associated with the club for over forty years both in a groundstaff capacity and as a professional with the Warwickshire team for fourteen years. The last fourteen years he has been Head Groundsman and heads a team of four tending the six and a half acre site with professional care.

The hallowed ground is being rolled with his AutoRoller purchased some seven years ago. An older second machine is used for the Colts ground and is fitted with a re-power kit offered by AutoRoller manufacturers Autoguide Equipment. The easy-fit kit offers fuel-efficient Robin engine with electric starting and the huge benefit of hydrostatic drive and power steering.

Commenting on his AutoRoller Steve said, "The AutoRoller is the best in theWorld. The machine is ageless and lasts forever. We roll to a depth of two and a half inches dry down and we can be rolling up to 8-10 hours a day pre-season. It takes 12-16 hours to roll a wicket and the crawl speed on the AutoRoller is spot on for this. It does the job, uses no fuel to speak about and is an all round great tool!" Praise indeed.

Photo: Edgbaston Head Groundsman Steve Rouse (L) discusses pitch rolling tactics with one of his team.

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