Roll up for lower costs than cylinder mowers

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A precision cut finish, new transmission, fast forward speeds and operation with one or both wings lifted.

That's the first promise with the new Wessex Proline RMX-560 and RMX-680 roller mowers.

The second is that these professional roller mowers, which come in 5.6m and 6.8m widths, will leave a finish equal to a cylinder mower on fine turf, at a fraction of the cost. Wide area mowing offers cost-efficiency and each deck on the triple mower has full width rollers at the front and rear that restrict airflow, where the high speed blades create suction beneath the deck chamber in which the uncut grass is sucked up by the blades, leaving a superb quality cut at high speeds.

Above all, says Wessex, servicing and maintenance are easy, reducing costs substantially compared to the equivalent in cylinder mowers. These are virtues that make the Wessex Proline roller mowers a good proposition for anyone with large areas of turf to be mown.

Typically that would mean turf farms, large sporting areas such as polo pitches, public parks, football and cricket grounds and other such amenities. Operation is simplified as no electro-hydraulics are required and there are no electric clutches. The transmission system allows wings to be engaged and disengaged whilst in work, without a clutch mechanism.

Wing control is independent, they are operational with one wing lifted, and the folding wings can cut gradients from -30° to +30° with the middle deck remaining on level ground. There is independent float on all decks and the linkage system allows the rear deck to follow the direction of travel, minimising tyre and roller scuffing.

All in all, the Wessex roller mowers represent an economic solution to cutting large areas in the minimum time with overall a much lower outlay and less running costs than the traditional cylinder mowers. Broadwood International 01420 478111

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