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3 PSSR 3\' 005.jpgThe Mounted Sorrel Roller (MSR) is a new development in pitch and lawn care from SCH (Supplies) Ltd, an established British manufacturer.

The sorrel roller has multiple rows of spikes, which prick the surface crust to allow air and water to permeate to the roots. The firming roller then smoothes down any small divots, leaving a neat and tidy green.

The rear roller can be used as a stand-alone roller and also allows the unit to be moved without the spikes being in contact with the ground.

The unit is attached via three-point linkage and also has a handle for manual use. One of these rollers is in use by a cricket club, who use the hand handle on the square, then attach to a vehicle to roll the rest of the field.

The sorrel roller is not a new addition to the SCH range, however, with the addition of 3 point linkage makes a very versatile machine. The addition of the linkage means the roller can be used on large areas where before to do it manually would require too much effort and time.

The photograph shows the 3ft version which retails at £690 + VAT. A 2ft version is also available, and can be finished in a colour of your choice.
SCH also have sorrel rollers available to fit their popular lawn care systems - the 40", the 48" and the P3 60".

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