Rotair Speedy Cutter Taking Remote Control to the next level

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speedy web343Remote control Mowers are revolutionising the cutting of slopes, steep bankings and rough terrain and the New Rotair Speedy Cutter is no exception.

The Rotair Speedy Cutter gives a Safe, Productive and Versatile performance in EXTREME conditions that are TOO DANGEROUS for manual machine operators.

With its expanding range of interchangeable attachments and the Speedy Cutter's unique and extraordinary features it is the ideal solution for the mowing and cleaning of road and motorway edges THAT CANNOT BE REACHED by other operating machines.

P1090228The Speedy Cutter is not only a safer option for working on banks it also considerably increases productivity whilst reducing your costs, as just 1 machine can do the same, if not more work than 5 people.

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