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THE NEW ROTAMASTER 4000 comes to IOG Saltex ready to smoothly sharpen rotary blades at the fastest speeds ever.
Following trials and tests by Bernhard and Company's dedicated Research and Development team, rotary blades can now be speedily set-up and mounted through a special spring-loaded vice and fast aligning jig bars.

Producing significant savings in cycle times, the company's Managing Director, Stephen Bernhard says:
"This setting-up system is really superior and exceptionally easy.

"Rotamaster then sharpens both ends of the blade equally, to automatically balance the blade and give a consistent performance.
"This not only helps the blades to last longer but also keeps the grass healthier."

Saving time in the workshop, sharpening is an automated process, allowing the operator to multi-task while the grinding process takes place.
Following a marked increase in the range of rotaries available, changing the set-up between blades of different types and configurations has also been made the easiest and fastest yet.

Rotaries raise performance

The last 10 years has seen rotary mowers provide a more polished performance, with dramatic improvements in tip speeds and deck design.
Number one choice for landscaped areas, the rough on the golf course and some sports areas, they are now easier to operate and maintain and have the added ability to stripe and provide an improved quality of cut.

Bernhard and Company ensures contractors and clubs can maintain a far superior edge. Just remove the rotary blade, sharpen it with Rotamaster 4000 and you're back in business.


  • Easier to set-up and mount rotary blades
  • Fast, powerful motor is directly coupled to high quality grinding wheel
  • Improves productivity in the workshop

  • Grinding occurs in an enclosed area for safer operation
  • Effortless grinding made possible by ergonomic height
  • Self-contained vacuum system keeps the operator safe from sparks and dust

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