‘RTS’ products to come under Allett banner

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'RTS' products to come under Allett banner

By Dave Saltman

With two years history of marketing the 'RTS' products, Allett have now rationalised the range and those RTS products that will be retained are now to be sold under the Allett banner, through appointed Allett dealers.

The BJB42, Honest John, LW12 and MW18, Mounted Sorrel, 688 and 428 Slitter, Ecoseeder, Fred the Edge and Backlapper will now all be marketed as Allett products.

Eco Sorrel, Stiletto, Triple John, Titan, Hercules and the Vector range of dragmats, brushes and rakes will no longer be available after disposal of stock. Available stock can be obtained via Allett dealers at discounted prices.

For further information please contact Allett on 01241 437740 or e-mail sales@allett.co.uk for details of your local dealer.

2 Year Warranty

Allett would also like to remind all their clients that they now offer a 2 year warranty period on all products, including all products in the 'RTS' range as was.
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