Salford City Stadium Marks a New Beginning

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Salford Reds RC (2)Salford City Stadium, home of the Salford Reds is opening its doors to the Sale Sharks. This exciting development for the club was present in the mind of the Head Groundsman Danny Huffman, when looking at purchasing new line markers.

"With the stadium being made available to another sport it was important for me to consider the flexibility of changing the line markings as efficiently as possible. Our new Raycam line markers from Campey Turf Care Systems have considerable advantage over other types we considered because they only mark the leaf/plant and not the soil. This means that when it comes to greening out the lines for re-marking, it is an easy task to remove existing colour and re-line with greater precision and less time. We have purchased two line markers; one for red and one for white."

Danny chose the Raycam LM3010 model for several other reasons too. "We have used spray markers in the past and will probably continue to use them on our Astra turf pitches, but these particular wheel to wheel line markers are very easy to use and to produce a straight line. They are pretty robust pieces of kit and deliver a cleaner, crisper finish which gives a very professional look to the pitch."

The Raycam LM3010 is a simple, durable and easy to operate liquid transfer line marker. Marking material is transferred from the 30ltr hopper to the 10cm wide marking wheel by a grooved rubber roller which allows marking up to post or flag. It has pneumatic tyres and an adjustable flow rate giving even and accurate lines. The tubular steel handles can also be adjusted for operator comfort.

It's the attention to detail that can make all the difference. The new wheel to wheel line markers purchased from Campey Turf Care Systems by Salford City Stadium are just what was required to put the finishing touches to a superb new stadium - whether it's used for rugby league or union!

Picture caption: Left to right: Connor Huffman Assistant Groundsman and Danny Huffman Head Groundsman

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