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Video footage of the company's New, Track-Mounted, Remote Terralift machine, specifically designed for narrow back gardens, will be on show, along with the two wheeled pneumatic machine, the existing hand held remote, and the company's pre-drilling machine, used to produce core samples.

The new remote Terralift machine dispenses with the need for pre-drilling, utilises a track load-carrier, and features a hydraulic probe, giving it an increased work rate of approx 800 square metres per day. This performance is double that of the 400 to 500 square metres currently achieved by the hand held version.

"Airforce", Terrain Aeration's hydraulic terralift machine, named at last year's Saltex will be physically present, along with application forms for the company's Un-Sung Heroes Award, open to all practising U.K. greenkeepers and groundsmen.

David and Lynda Green offer a warm welcome, along with the tea and home made cakes, which visitors have come to expect.




Vitax launch an advanced range of organo-mineral fertilisers, pitched mid way between mini-granular, mineral based products, and high tech, controlled release granules.

Hanging mineral fertiliser molecules on an organic base, the company has produced a long lasting feed that holds nitrogen in amoniacal form within the soil, releasing nutrient gently over a two-month period, without leaching. The product is designed to stimulate microbial activity, giving good colour and encouraging rooting to withstand drought and stress.

Clive Williams, amenity sales manager for Vitax says that the company realised there was a gap in the market.

"There are areas where a high quality controlled release product is too expensive, and leaching from multiple applications of mineral fertiliser is undesirable," he says. "Our new range is placed in the middle price bracket, and is suitable for all sports turf including cricket, racing, football and golf."

Vitax's organo-mineral fertilisers are available in four formulations, two for spring and summer application, one for autumn and one for pre-seeding and turf repairs.

"The affordable price, coupled with the products long lasting characteristics which avoid leaching, could mean a considerable saving over the growing season," says Clive. "Turf managers should need fewer applications using this new range, and should experience less waste."




New from Lindum is the first reinforced turf incorporating a rootzone stabilised with Loksand fibres.

The company's tough LT6 Sporturf mixture tops a 40mm thick rootzone containing fibres with a unique, crimped profile, which interlock with the sand. The result is not only extremely wearable, but a sward with built in shock absorbency.

Ideal for equine use and particularly valuable on jump landings, Lokturf has already been tested on the cross-country course at the Bramham International Three Day Event. Course builder Gary Podmore, who was under pressure to complete the course in two weeks, says that the turf took and bound into the ground as if it had been there for over a month.

"During the cross county event we have nearly 100 horses pounding the turf in one day, at a rate of one per minute," he says. "The Lokturf which we laid on the flat took no damage at all, and the steep slope before the water jump did not need repairs during the event. Normally we would have expected it to be devastated."

Lokturf is also eminently suitable for football pitch replacement, goalmouth repairs, children's playgrounds and grass car parks.

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