SALTEX 2005 Exhibitor List

Pitchcarein Parks

Saltex 2005 Exhibitor List

Trading As Company Name Stand Number Demo Plot Number
A-Plant A Plant Specialist Products R 30
A.E. Evans Ltd A.E.Evans Ltd A 11
A.F.T. Trenchers Ltd A.F.T. Trenchers Ltd A 52
Access Platform Sales Ltd Access Platform Sales Ltd DAB 50
Acidity Ltd Acidity Ltd H 60
Active Leisure Contracts Baylis Landscape Ltd T 56
ADH Baseline Ltd ADH Baseline Ltd B 07
Advanta Seeds UK Ltd Advanta Seeds UK Ltd F 16
AEBI & Co. AG AEBI & Co. AG Ltd W 03
Affordable Plant Hire Ltd Affordable Plant Hire Ltd DAB 11
Agria Werke GmbH Agria Werke GmbH DAA 14 DAA 15
Air-Seal Products Ltd Air-Seal Products Ltd H 73
Al-Vac (UK) Ltd Al-Vac (UK) Ltd L 12
Allen Power Equipment Ltd Allen Power Equipment Ltd V 35 DAA 57
Allett Mowers Ltd Allett Mowers Ltd A 18
Amazone Ltd Amazone Ltd S 35
Amberol Limited Amberol Limited E 27
Amerityre Hancox Ltd H 20
AmesTrue Temper True Temper Ltd Q 12
Ammann Equipment Ltd Ammann Equipment Ltd U 04
Andreas Stihl Ltd Andreas Stihl Ltd F 01
Anglo Aquarium Plant Co Ltd Anglo Aquarium Plant Co Ltd X 11
Appin-Woods Machinery Appin-Woods Machinery V 47 DAA 65
Arbor Eater Brushwood Chippers Ltd Arbor Eater Brushwood Chippers Ltd DAB 51/52/56/57
Arborplant Ltd Arborplant Ltd DAA 54 DAA 55
Arena Seating Ltd Arena Seating Ltd Cntrl Seat
Ariens Company Ariens Company Sponsorshi
Association of Play Industries (API) Association of Play Industries (API) H 08
Auger Torque Digga Europe Ltd DAC 06 DAC 06
Autoguide Equipment Ltd Autoguide Equipment Ltd V 40
Autumnmania Quansboro Plastics Ltd T 18
Avant Tecno (UK) Ltd Avant Tecno (UK) Ltd DAC 22 DAC 13/21
Avoncrop Amenity Products Ltd Avoncrop Amenity Products Ltd H 69
B-Trac Equipment Ltd B-Trac Equipment Ltd DAB 62
B.E. Recycling Ltd B.E. Recycling Ltd DAB 01
Badger Hill Training & Assessment Centre Badger Hill Training & Assessment Centre EH 09
Baughans Barrel Screens inc. Hawkfawk Baughans Barrel Screens DAA 36 DAA 36
Bavaria Loading Ramps Access Systems V 04
Bayer Environmental Science Bayer Environmental Science G 03
BCA Berkshire College of Agriculture EH 04
Bennett Soil Technology Bennett Soil Technology R 29
Bernhard And Co Ltd Bernhard And Co Ltd P 36
Better Methods Europe Ltd BMS Europe Ltd H 75
Bigfoot Play Systems Ltd Bigfoot Play Systems Ltd H 17
BLEC BLEC V 50 DAA 42/44/46/48/43/45/47/49
Blisster Blisster T 30
Bobcat Europe - Ingersoll-Rand Bobcat Europe - Ingersoll-Rand W 05
Böckmann UK Ltd Böckmann UK Ltd C 15
Bomford Turner Ltd Bomford Turner Ltd DAB 16
Bourne Amenity Bourne Amenity S 25
Bowcom Fiddes & Son T/A Bowcom F 18
Brian James Trailers Limited Brian James Trailers Limited E 28
Briggs & Stratton Briggs & Stratton UK Ltd R 09
Briggs Irrigation Briggs Irrigation P 34
Britannic Garden Funiture Ltd Britannic Garden Funiture Ltd H 38
Broadwood International Broadwood International S 06
BSG Tractors & Machinery BSG Supplies Ltd DAC 48 DAC 48
Bulldog Rollins Bulldog Tools Ltd H 62
Bunce (Ashbury) Ltd Bunce (Ashbury) Ltd K 13
Buxton's Ltd Buxton's Ltd L 08
C and J Supplies Ltd C and J Supplies Ltd T 52
C S F UK Ltd C S F UK Ltd DAC 30 DAC 28
C-Dax Europe Ltd C-Dax Europe T 08
C.G.C.S Midlands Ltd CGCS Midlands Ltd DAU 03 DAU 03
C.L.M s.r.l / Rampco Rampco F 23
C.P.M (Cleartrack Plant & Machinery Ltd) C.P.M (Cleartrack Plant & Machinery Ltd) DAC 19 DAC 20
Campey Turf Care Systems Campey Turf Care Systems A 57
Cannon Horticulture Cannon Horticulture,a division of Cannon Hygeine L H 63
Cannons Turf & Ground Cover Direct Cannons Turf F 07
Capel Manor College Capel Manor College H 26
Carraro UK Carraro UK Q 13
Caterpillar - Finning UK Finning UK Ltd U 03 DAU 05
CAUTRAC Causeway Tractors Ltd R13
Celuplast Ltd Celuplast Ltd H 05
Central Spares Ltd Central Spares Ltd H 24
Charterhouse Turf Machinery Ltd Charterhouse Turf Machinery Ltd W 15
Childscape Childscape H 11
Chippers International Ltd Chippers International Ltd DAB 23/24/29/30
City B Marquees City B Marquees F 13
City Irrigation UK Ltd City Irrigation UK Ltd H 59
Civic Trees Civic Tree Care Ltd I 02
Claas Claas UK Ltd W 31
Classic Teak Classic Teak R 27
Cleanaway Landscape Services Cleanaway Ltd - ServiceTeam V 38
Cleanwell High Pressure Washers Ltd Cleanwell High Pressure Washers Ltd X 16
Cleveland Site Safe Ltd Cleveland Site Safe Ltd D 21
Club Car Club Car Q 07
Complete Weed Control Complete Weed Control I 07
Connectomatic Ltd Connectomatic Ltd H 52
Cormidi Cormidi Z 10
Cotswold Decorative Ironworkers Cotswold Decorative Ironworkers T 24
Countax Ltd Countax Ltd W 44
Countrywide Farmers Plc Countrywide Farmers Plc F 40
Course Care Highspeed Lubricants Ltd H 65
Cranfield Centre for Sports Surfaces Cranfield Centre for Sports Surfaces EH 13
D W Tomlin D W Tomlin S 03
Daktronics UK Daktronics UK A 55
Dales Sports Surfaces Ltd Dales Sports Surfaces Ltd Z 04
Danarm Danarm Machinery Limited H 13/14
David Jenkins Turfcare Equipment Ltd David Jenkins Turf Equipment Ltd V 44 DAA 61/63
David Ogilvie Engineering Ltd David Ogilvie Engineering Ltd E 37
DCE Publications DCE Publications H 54
De Wit Handtools De Wit Kornhorn Z 06
Deesign Parnership Ltd Deesign Parnership Ltd DAA 31 DAA 33/35
Delta Self Drive Delta Self Drive Ltd U 26
Dennis Dennis - A division of Howardson Ltd C 20
Derbyshire Tree Services Derbyshire Tree Services E 33
Dictator Engineering Ltd Dictator Engineering Ltd H 02
Digga Digga Australia Pty Ltd DAC 46 DAC 46
Dunweedin/Springway Dunweedin Ltd A 12
E P Barrus Ltd (Industrial Engines) E P Barrus Ltd (Industrial Engines) F 43
E P Barrus Ltd (M T D) E P Barrus (M T D) C 12 0
Eagle Promotions Ltd Eagle Promotions Ltd D 17
Earth Quake Turfcare Ltd Earth Quake Turfcare Ltd W 26 DAA 03
Easy-Gate Ltd Easy-Gate Ltd C 21
Eden Park Ltd (Sports Turf Maintenance Supplies) Eden Park Ltd (Sports Turf Maintenance Supplies) H 39
Enginetech Ltd Enginetech Ltd R 11
English Landscapes English Landscapes G 01
Eric Hunter Ltd Eric Hunter Ltd D 11 DAB 49
Etesia UK Ltd Etesia UK Ltd A 36
Euromec Ltd Euromec V 41
Ever Edge Ever Edge X 02
Extraspace Extraspace Industries Ltd S 13
Facelift Facelift DAC 01 DAC 01
FGM Ltd FGM Ltd - Farm & Garden Machinery Ltd S 26
Fiori Indeco (UK) Ltd Z 13
Fleet (Line Markers) Ltd Fleet (Line Markers) Ltd E 22 DAA 64/66/67
Fleximas Fleximas H 07
Ford Motor Company Limited Ford Motor Company Limited P 28
Fountains PLC Fountains PLC F 14
Fourtec Ltd FOURTEC Ltd DAU 04 DAU 04
Fujikura Europe Limited Fujikura Europe H 48
G.L. Jones Playgrounds Ltd G.L. Jones Playgrounds Ltd B 11
Game Solutions Ltd Game Solutions Ltd H 03
Garden Innovation Products UK Garden Innovation Products UK R 06
Garden Irrigation Supplies Garden Irrigation Supplies I 01
Garfitts International Ltd Garfitts International Ltd H 16
GB Sport & Leisure GB Sport & Leisure B 13
GEM Professional GEM Professional D 19
Genquip Ltd Groundhog UK Limited P 01
George Browns Implements George Browns Implements W 07
Gianni Ferrari Gianni Ferrari T 05
Giffords (Enviromulch) Enviromulch E 16
Glasdon UK Ltd Glasdon UK Ltd S 21
Glendale Glendale Managed Services E 15
Globe Organic Services Globe Organic Services DAB 33
Golf and Turf Equipment Golf and Turf Equipment H 74
Golf Tee Signs Golf Tee Signs B 10
Great Dane Plc Great Dane Plc P 12
Green Places Landscape Design Trust EH 18
Green-Tech Ltd Green-Tech Ltd F 06
Greenkeepers Training Committee Greenkeepers Training Committee EH 07
Greenmech Ltd Greenmech Ltd DAB 13/14/15/18/19/20
Groundforce & Survey Technology VP PLC Q 14
Groundsearch Consultancy Ltd Groundsearch Consultancy Ltd IOG Pav
Groundsman Industries Groundsman Industries DAA 19
Gurney Reeve & Company Ltd Gurney Reeve & Company Ltd T 22
H and M Products H and M Products T 19
H.E.Services (Plant Hire) Ltd H.E.Services (Plant Hire) Ltd W 02
Hadlow College Hadlow College H 29
Hags Play Ltd Hags Play Ltd A 26
Hako Machines Ltd Hako Machines Ltd F 30
Hallmarket Turf Machinery Hallmarket Turf Machinery T 60
Hand Arm Vibration Risk Management Havs Risk Management F 29
Hanix Europe Ltd Hanix Europe Ltd DAC 50 DAC 40
Harry West (Prees) Ltd Harry West (Prees) Ltd T 17
Hayter Limited Hayter W 09
Hazlewood Trailers Hazlewood Trailers C 18
Headland Amenity Ltd Headland Amenity Ltd H 44
Health & Safety Executive Health & Safety Executive L 01
Helping Hand Company Helping Hand Company H 67
Henchman/Haygate Engineering Co Ltd Haygate Engineering Co Ltd C 24
Hiab Ltd Hiab Ltd R 24
HippoWaste HippoWaste H 36
Hire Supply Company (UK) Ltd Hire Supply Company (UK) Ltd Q 22 DAC 12
HM Plant Ltd HM Plant Ltd V 06
Honda Seddons (Plant & Engineers) Ltd D 20
Honey Bros Ltd Honey Bros Ltd C 19
Hopespare Limited Hopespare Limited S 12
Horsepower UK Ltd Horsepower UK Ltd A 42
Horticulture Week Horticulture Week F 28
Huck Nets (UK) Ltd Huck Nets (UK) Ltd C 09
Hunter Grinders Ltd Hunter Grinders Ltd P 22
Husqvarna Husqvarna W 42 DAA 22/23/24/25/26/27
Husson UK Husson UK B 01
Hy-Mate Distributors (UK) Ltd Ranger Equipment (Hy-Mate Distributors (UK) Ltd) C 10
Hydraulic Control Hydraulic Control Z 07
Hydromulch Hydromulch - Amenity Technology F 27
I T M International Tracked Machines Ltd Q 04 DAA 34
Ian Gower Associates Ian Gower Associates EH 01
Ifor Williams Trailers Ltd Ifor Williams Trailers Ltd C 23
Independent Memorial Inspections Independent Memorial Inspections H 35
Indespension Ltd Indespension Ltd D 22
ING Lease ING Lease (UK) Limited Sponsorshi
ING Lease ING Lease (UK) Limited EH 21
Ingimex Ltd Ingimex Ltd F 03
Instant Pop Up Shelters Ltd Instant Pop Up Shelters Ltd X 13
Instaplant® Kernock Park Plants H 09
Institute of Horticulture Institute of Horticulture EH 20
Interlok Designs Ltd Interlok Designs Ltd H 15
IOG Select IOG Select Clothing IOG Pav
IPU Group IPU S 01
J & S Industries Ltd J & S Industries Ltd Z 03
JCB Sales Ltd JCB Sales R 18
JFC Manufacturing Ltd JFC Manufacturing Ltd H 32
John Deere John Deere V 01
John Deere John Deere Sponsorshi
Johnsons of Whixley Ltd Johnsons of Whixley Ltd E 14
Johnsons Wellfield Quarries Ltd Johnsons Wellfield Quarries H 21
Johnston Sweepers Johnston Engineering Ltd R 23
Jumbo Inflatables Jumbo Inflatables H 12
Kanga Loaders UK Kanga Loaders UK DAC 44 U 24
Kersten UK Ltd Kersten UK Ltd DAA 59 DAA 59
King Feeders UK King Feeders UK T 37
Kirkby Tyres and Wheels Kirkby (Tyres) Limited T 25
KongSkilde UK Ltd KongSkilde UK Ltd I 03
Kubota (UK) Ltd Kubota W 23
Kubota UK Engine Division Kubota (UK) Engine Division U 16
Land Drainage Contractors Association Land Drainage Contractors Association Z 12
Landforce Landforce Ltd DAB 70
Landscape & Amenity Product Update Tanner Stiles/Landscape & Amenity Product Update E 30
Lantra Lantra National Training Organisation EH 12
Lastec UK Lastec UK A 59
Leach Lewis Plant Ltd Leach Lewis Plant Ltd R 08
Lewis Equipment Ltd Lewis Equipment Ltd DAC 15 DAC 17
Lincmaster 'Thief Stoppers' Lincmaster 'Thief Stoppers' P 06
Lindsey Teak Lindsey Teak E 35
Lindum Seeded Turf Ltd Lindum Seeded Turf Ltd G 10
Linemark UK Ltd Linemark UK Ltd T 34
Linemark UK Ltd Linemark UK Ltd T 32
Lister Wilder Lister Wilder Ltd W 14
Liston Equipment Ltd Liston Equipment Ltd A 30
Lloyds Lloyds B 16
Loadrunner Loadmaster Engineering Ltd DAU 01 DAU 01
Locke Turf, Inc Locke Turf, Inc DAA 56 DAA 56
Lombardini (UK) Ltd Lombardini (UK) Ltd E 36
Lucky Lizard Lucky Lizard F 33
Lynx Engineering Cat's Head Industries R 26
Major Equipment Ltd Major Equipment Ltd T 29
Mans International Ltd Mans International Ltd H 53
Maple Leaf Design Ltd Maple Leaf Design Ltd B 17
Martin Lishman Martin Lishman F 17
Massey Ferguson (AGCO) AGCO U 18
Mastenbroek Ltd Mastenbroek & Co Ltd E 32
Master Farm Services (GB) Ltd Master Farm Services (GB) Ltd F 08
MAXXIS International UK Bickers F 26
McArthur-Group Ltd McArthur-Group Ltd F 12
McConnel Limited McConnel V 33
McCormick Tractors International Ltd McCormick Tractors International Ltd U 10
Mcmurtry Ltd Mcmurtry Ltd L 09
MCPC Systems MCPC Systems IOG Pav
McVeigh Parker Co. Ltd McVeigh Parker Co. Ltd U 14
Mecklock UK Mecklock UK EH 23
Mega Vehicles Ltd Aixam Ltd P 08
Mercedes-Benz Unimog Mercedes-Benz (UK) Ltd U 12
Merlo UK Ltd Merlo UK Ltd W 37 DAA 28
Merrist Wood College Merrist Wood College EH 05
Midland Power Machinery Distributors Ltd Midland Power Machinery Distributors Ltd D 10
Minitrac Ltd/Vert Services S.A. Minitrac Ltd/Vert Services S.A. F 37
Mitsubishi Canter Daimler Chrysler UK Ltd R 01
MJT Contracts Ltd / TRILO UK Ltd MJT Contracts Ltd / TRILO UK Ltd Sponsorshi
MJT Contracts Ltd / TRILO UK Ltd MJT Contracts Ltd / TRILO UK Ltd DAB 60
Monro Group Ltd (Goundreys) Monro Group Ltd A 22
Moore Mowers Ltd Moore Mowers Ltd L 06
Moplant Ltd Moplant Ltd L 04
Morris Leslie Ltd Morris Leslie Ltd R 15
Motokov UK Ltd TYM International Ltd Q 17
Myerscough College Myerscough College EH 03
N P T C N P T C EH 10
Nature First Ltd Nature First Ltd DAB 40/46
Nelson Communications Ltd Turf Professional H 42
New Growth Land Based Training New Growth Land Based Training EH 22
New Holland CNH UK V 29
Niftylift Limited Niftylift Limited P 04
Nordic Tyres (UK) Limited Nordic Tyres (UK) Limited U 08
Noremat Noremat Ltd DAC 03 DAC 03
Oakes Bros Ltd Oakes Bros Ltd T 33
Oaklands College Oaklands College EH 16
OBM tec-Recycling Technique Europe OBM tec - RTE BV's W 56
Oregon Cutting Systems Blount UK Ltd R 07
Overton (UK) Ltd Overton (UK) Ltd E 13
P.B. Services P.B. Services S 16
P.G. Horticulture Ltd P.G. Horticulture Ltd F 35
Palmstead Nurseries Ltd Palmstead Nurseries Ltd D 13
Park Leisure Ltd Park Leisure D 14
Parts Depot UK Parts Depot UK V 08
Paxton Paxton T 38
Pinnacle Power Equipment Pinnacle Power Equipment Ltd W 51 DAA 70/71/72/73
Plants Limited Plants Limited T 04
Plantscape Plantscape D 08
PLM Power Products Ltd PLM Power Products Ltd A 54
Polaris Polaris Britain Ltd G 06
Portek Ltd Portek Ltd Q 08
Post Puncher Meade Machines Ltd DAA 37 DAA 37
Power Precision & Fabrication Ltd Power Precision & Fabrication Ltd DAB 09
Practicality Brown Ltd Practicality Brown DAB 25/31
Precise Construction Instruments UK Ltd Precise Construction Instruments UK Ltd F 49
Prime Irrigation Ltd Prime Irrigation Ltd T 48
Pro-Grow Mendip Forestry Ltd H 30
Proludic Ltd Proludic Ltd D 01
Promax Access Limited Promax Access Limited DAA 32 DAA 32
Public Sector Landscape & Equipment Unity Media Plc T 41
Q Lawns Q Lawns F 24
R & K Kensett Ltd R & K Kensett Ltd Q 15
R.C. Smith (Bedding Plants) R.C. Smith (Bedding Plants) A 49
R.H.Claydon Ltd R.H.Claydon R 22
Rainbow Professional Ltd Rainbow Professional Ltd F 25
Rake-n-Lift & Co 'The Nottm Rakes' Rake-n-Lift & Co 'The Nottm Rakes' T 01
Ransomes Jacobsen Limited Fauto Aqua V 15 DAA 40
Red Rhino Crushers Red Rhino Crushers DAC 31 DAC 32/33
Reform (I.C. Distributors) Reform (I.C. Distributors) F 15
Rekord Sales (GB) Ltd Rekord Sales (GB) Ltd W 01
Revaho UK Revaho UK Ltd EH 24
Rhino Ramps Rhino Ramps C 08
Rivendell Projects Limited Rivendell Projects Limited B 14
Roadphone Roadphone Ltd T 13
Rochfords Joseph Rochford Gardens Ltd S 17
Rotary Lift (UK) Ltd Rotary Lift (UK) Ltd D 16
Roy Francis (Plant Hire) Ltd Roy Francis (Plant Hire) Ltd Q 10
Russell Bowlby Russell Bowlby Renovations & Interiors E 18
Rustons Engineering Co Ltd Rustons Engineering Co Ltd W 47
Ryetec Ryetec Industrial Equipment Limited W 49
S.Grundon (Ewelme) Ltd S.Grundon (Ewelme) Ltd H 41
Sara Loading Ramps Sara Loading Bay Specialists P 15
Saturnus Safe and Sound Playgrounds Ltd D 05
Saxon Industries Saxon Industries Q 16
Sayell Equipment Sayell Equipment T 28
SCH (Supplies) Ltd SCH (Supplies) Ltd E 05
Scotts UK Professional The Scotts Company UK E 25
Securi-Cabin Ltd Securi-Cabin Ltd R 04
Sembdner Maschinenbau GmbH Sembdner Maschinenbau GmbH Z 05
SGM Hire SGM Finance V 03
Sheltons Sportsturf Drainage Solutions Sheltons Sportsturf Drainage Solutions H 72
Sherriff Amenity Services Sherriff Amenity Services E 09
Shurflo Ltd Shurflo Ltd F 31
Simon Richard Ltd Simon Richard Ltd S 22
Simon Tullett Machinery Ltd Simon Tullett Machinery Ltd (STM) Q 01
SISIS Equipment (Macclesfield) Ltd SISIS Equipment (Macclesfield) Ltd B 19 Robinsons Trees X 03
Sovereign Turf Ltd Sovereign Turf Ltd I 05
Spaldings Ltd Spaldings Ltd W 13
Sparsholt College Hampshire Sparsholt College Hampshire EH 02
Spearhead Machinery Spearhead Machinery Ltd DAA 62 DAA 58/60
Speltech Limited Speltech Limited R 10
Sports Courts UK Ltd Sports Courts UK Ltd B 09
Sporty-Co Sporty-Co Ltd S 11
Stadia Sports International Limited Stadia Sports International Limited H 01
Steelway Fensecure Ltd Steelway Fensecure Ltd D 06
Streetcare Ltd Streetcare Ltd V 02
Surrey Loams Ltd Surrey Loams Ltd R 25
Sutcliffe Play Ltd Sutcliffe Play Ltd C 01
Swan Plant Services Ltd Swan Plant Services Ltd E 01
Sweepfast Ltd Sweepfast Ltd H 37
TA Drilling Ltd TA Drilling Ltd L 14
Takeuchi Takeuchi MFG. (UK) Ltd W 39
Tangorail Ltd Tangorail Ltd E 34
Taylor Construction Plant Taylor Construction Plant R 16
tcm TCM F 22
Team Sprayers Ltd Team Sprayers Ltd C 17
TeCal Ltd TeCal Ltd EH 15
Techneat Engineering Ltd Techneat Engineering Ltd DAU 06 DAU 06
Technical Surfaces Technical Surfaces Z 02
Technix Rubber & Plastics Ltd Technix Rubber & Plastics Ltd H 46
Teg Environmental Plc Teg Environmental Plc F 20
Teknamotor Teknamotor DAA 29 DAA 29
Teleshore UK Ltd Teleshore (UK) Ltd DAC 07 DAC 07
Tenax UK Limited Tenax UK Limited R 05
Terrain Aeration Services Terrain Aeration Services DAB 39/45
Terrasofta Limited Terrasofta Limited C 11
Thanetcraft Ltd Thanetcraft Ltd X 17
The Blakedown Group Blakedown Landscapes Limited E 31
The Childrens Playground Co. Ltd The Childrens Playground Co. Ltd T 26
The Groundsman Magazine The Groundsman Magazine IOG Pav
The Institute of Groundsmanship The Institute of Groundsmanship IOG Pav
The Landscaper The Landscaper EH 17
The Lawn Company Ltd The Lawn Company Ltd C 16
The Vehicle Certification Agency The Vehicle Certification Agency H 51
The Wormcast Company The Wormcast Company H 50
Theme Bins International LTD Theme Bins International LTD T 16
Thiefbeaters Limited Thiefbeaters Limited X 09
Tildenet Ltd Tildenet Ltd F 11
Timberwolf Entec Industries Ltd DAB 53
Tipmaster Ltd Tipmaster Ltd R 14
Topsoil produced by British Sugar British Sugar Topsoil H 27
Toro Products Lely UK Ltd S 31 DAC 24/26
Totally Alloy-co-uk Totally-Alloy-co-uk T 06
Totrax Ltd Totrax Ltd S 10 A 50
Toyota (GB) PLC Toyota (GB) PLC Sponsorshi
Toyota (GB) PLC Toyota (GB) PLC U 22
Tracmaster Ltd Tracmaster Ltd DAB 21/22
Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment Karcher UK Ltd B 08
Trelleborg Wheel Systems Trelleborg Wheel Systems K 01
Trenchex Power Products Trenchex Power Products P 18
Trimax Mowing Systems Ltd Trimax Mowing Systems Ltd DAB 27/28
TRP Tuxford TRP Tuxford X 07
TUFFA UK Ltd Fuel Energy Services Ltd P 10
Turfcare Systems Ltd Turfcare Systems Ltd. DAA 17 DAA 16
Turfmech Machinery Limited Turfmech Machinery Limited W 28 DAA 01/02
Twose of Tiverton Twose of Tiverton T 21
Tyre-line Original Equipment Ltd. Tyre-line Original Equipment Ltd. L 05
UAC Ltd / Whiteskate UAC Ltd / Whiteskate A 14
UK Bench Restorations Ltd UK Bench Restorations Ltd E 11
UltraPlant/Synergy Synergy Products Limited DAA 18/20/21
Universal Services Universal Services C 05
Urban Engineering Urban Engineering A 47
Vaderstad Ltd Vaderstad Ltd U 01
Vauxhall Motors Ltd Vauxhall Motors Ltd R 02
Versatile Equipment Ltd Versatile Equipment Ltd E 23
Vicol Supplies Vicol Supplies X 05
Vitax Ltd Vitax Ltd F 45
Votex Votex Hereford Limited DAC 38 DAC 39
Waste 2 Water Europe Ltd Waste 2 Water Europe Ltd F 53
Westcon Equipment (UK) Ltd Westcon Equipment (UK) Ltd DAB 05
Wicksteed Leisure Ltd Wicksteed Leisure Ltd A 01
Wiedenmann UK Ltd Wiedenmann UK Ltd V 26
Wilkie Recycling Systems Ltd Wilkie Recycling Systems Ltd DAB 35/36/37/41/42/43/47/48
WM System Limited WM System Limited S 15
Wood-Mizer Wood-Mizer DAB 34
Woodford Trailers Nield Engineering V 10
Writtle College Writtle College K 07
Wybone Ltd Wybone Ltd T 10
Yamaha Motor (UK) Limited Yamaha Motor (UK) Limited D 25
Yorkshire Plants and Trees Ltd Yorkshire Plants and Trees Ltd K 03
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