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It's taken a little time to warm up this year (unlike last year!), but British Summer Time is in full swing and water management specialist Otterbine is offering all customers an extra five percent off its entire range of aerators and aerating fountains on orders placed before 31 August.

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The promotion is timed to help customers when they need it most, says Pete Newton at Reesink Turfcare, Otterbine's UK distributor.

"When higher levels of sunlight and heat is generated by the summer sun it can lead to excess nutrients in water bodies and when combined with low oxygen levels and minimal circulation, it prematurely ages the water throwing its natural ecosystem out of balance," he explains. "This can quickly lead to problems with algae, aquatic weeds and a build-up of silt on the riverbed, and in severe cases can even lead to unpleasant odours and cause fish to perish."

In order to avoid this, a proper water management system is needed, Pete says: "Waiting until symptoms of poor water quality appear before implementing good water management could be detrimental to the environment and be costly to rectify."

"Once a lake has lost its ecological balance, it goes into crisis, at which point the cost of restoring it dramatically rises. As well as often being more expensive to implement, reactive solutions tend to be less friendly to the environment too."

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To prevent or eliminate stagnant water in a pond or lake, the most natural water quality management solution is to introduce aeration, which is where Otterbine's aeration systems can help.

With solutions suitable for small ponds to vast lakes, Otterbine's wide range of aeration systems comprise aerating fountains, industrial aerators and diffused air systems. Each has unique features that work to increase oxygen levels and circulate oxygen rich water, keeping water quality high, and inhibiting algae, aquatic weeds and odours.

Plus, installation is quick meaning that if this situation does occur it is easily fixed with Otterbine, says Pete: "These symptoms are quickly formed but with Otterbine also speedily rectified. We offer the highest oxygen transfer and pumping rates in the industry with independent testing done by the University of Minnesota and GSCEE to prove it. The High Volume units, for example, adds 3.3lbs or 1.5kg of oxygen per horsepower hour into the water and pumps over 920gpm or 199m3/hr per horsepower."

And now, with an extra five percent off any purchase, is the time to ensure that these unwanted symptoms don't impact on your water feature or bring about a negative perception.

For more information on Otterbine aerators and aerating fountains, contact distributor Reesink Turfcare on 01480 226948, email or visit

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