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Make sure that you keep up to date with developments in the Scotts turfcare and landscape ranges by securing copies of the latest editions of Scotts' comprehensive product brochures.books.jpg

The 56-page brochure Scotts Controls is designed to help turf managers select the best control programme for their sites and is packed with explanatory information on how different turf chemicals and treatments work, and the benefits and applications of particular formulations.

Scotts Fertilizers is equally thorough, providing detailed and practical information and advice on turf nutrition, one of the most complex subjects in the industry. The Scotts range, for example, is one of the most comprehensive in Europe, featuring over 50 different fertilizer formulations and encompassing 13 different manufacturing technologies - each with specific applications and benefits. The latest edition has been updated.

Scotts technical manager Simon Barnaby explained: "Turf managers are faced with enormous choice in nutrition and pest control these days, and are also asked to consistently produce the best playing conditions possible. Navigating through to the right selections is not easy."

This autumn also sees the launch of a new title - Scotts Landscape Products - which deals with the comprehensive Scotts range of fertilizers, growing media and control products for the landscape and amenity sector.

Copies of all Scotts brochures are available free from Scotts. Call our literature hotline on 01473 201248 and order yours now.

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