Scotts unveils most well-balanced fertiliser for golf greens

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sierraform At this year's BTME, Scotts launched Sierraform GT, which the company says is the most powerful and well-balanced fertilizer available for golf greens. It is the first golf green fertilizer to contain both slow-release nitrogen and slow-release potassium, which creates a unique dual effect. Nitrogen is delivered slowly, which means no growth spurts after application and a plant that matures more evenly. The inclusion of potassium ensures a stronger plant which is more resilient to extreme stresses such as frost, heat, drought and wear - all year round.

The slow-release potassium is fully incorporated into the tiny uniform granules of Sierraform GT. It is therefore not a mixture of different components, but based on a synthetic matrix structure which breaks down gradually over time. After the application of Sierraform GT, the release process is triggered by the normal level of moisture in the soil, after which it is released continually over the effective period. The speed of this process is unaffected by rain or irrigation.

The product's small granules are easy to spread, and disperse quickly into the soil. Each granule has exactly the same quantity and combination of nutrients, which means even growth and an outstanding colour.

In tests, Sierraform GT has been shown to improve the health and vitality of grass by 20 per cent (compared with a normal golf green fertilizer without slow-release potassium). It has a longevity of 8-10 weeks and is available in six different formulations to match the specific time of application.

Scotts Professional is based at Paper Mill Lane, Bramford, Ipswich IP8 4BZ.

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