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ScrubmasterWeather conditions that are ideal for getting the grass growing also promote the growth of dense vegetation and heavy scrub. You can cut through all that with tractor-mounted Wessex Scrubmaster rotary slasher. Constructed from heavy gauge steel plate and boasting an exceptionally high performance drive system, the Scrubmaster is built to last.

So much so, say Broadwood, that their parts department receives calls for spare parts of Scrubmasters in excess of 30 years old. Testimony to its reputation for serious scrub clearing ability, there are Scrubmasters working in woodlands and forest areas across the UK and Europe. A choice of cutting systems is available. The blade assembly comprises four heavy duty reversible blades mounted on a hardened steel square plate.

This delivers over 2000 one ton impact cuts per minute with a clean cutting action that's ideal for woody material and taking down grass and weed growth. Alternatively, chain cutters are preferable in areas where there may be tree stumps and boulders which can damage blades. Three high tensile chains lacerate woody and fibrous scrub growth with ease.

Described by Broadwood as unstoppable and built to last, the Scrubmaster has adjustable side skids positioned so the machine can cut close to trees in plantations. A fully floating headstock allows it to be dragged across rough ground with minimal stress to the frame and a heavy galvanized chain takes the strain of lifting.

The heavy gauge steel tailgates contain debris beneath the machine to give it a thorough mulching and for manoeuvring without lifting there is the optional rear castoring wheel. The Scubmaster is definitely one to have on your side when you're heading into the rough. Wessex have built their reputation with over 35 years of manufacturing high quality accessories. Broadwood International 01420 478111

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