Seppi Launch New Miniforst Pick-Up Mulcher

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MINIFORST pick up 4579Picking up pruning's cleanly and mulching them to a fine degree, even when the prunings are large is something that many users of mulchers want to achieve. Well mulched material breaks down much quicker and helps mowing and harvesting operations. If there are a lot of stones on the floor mulching can be very difficult without damaging the mower.

With the new Miniforst Pick-Up from Italian manufacturer Seppi, the material is lifted into the mower, without the need for the mulcher blades to come into contact with the stones. The machine is available in widths from 125cm (49") to 200cm (79"). The maximum suggested power input is 90hp.

Hammer options

There are four different hammer options that can be used on the Miniforst Pick-Up. For light growth - like vines, the standard SMO hammer may be used. For heavier brush either a swinging forestry hammer or a fixed knife hammer may be used. The swinging hammer may also be tungsten tipped.

Pick-up options

The Miniforst Pick-Up can be equipped with either just the lower pick-up reel - normally used in lighter conditions, or with an added top pick-up rotor, used in heavy and dense conditions, where there is a lot of brush to feed into the machine. Both of these pick-ups are driven from the external hydraulic supply of the tractor.


The lower pick up assembly is a bolt on addition to the standard Miniforst. This also includes the screen. The standard screen is 40mm (1.6"). This is more than adequate for all but the very finest mulch.

The complete range of Seppi mulchers is on sale in the UK exclusively from Lamberhurst Engineering. For more information, please contact 08456 121 141 or visit their website on

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