September 2017 Sports Pitch Maintenance Diaries

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Sports covered are bowls, cricket, rugby, football, golf and tennis

As ever with our British weather, we keep getting a mixed bag, some good, some not so good and a typical summer that has seen the barbecues gathering more rust than being used for incinerating sausages!
Coming into September, we will certainly need some dry, settled conditions for the summer sports to undertake their renovations. This is a particularly critical time - a poor autumn generally leads to poor surfaces come next spring when the cricket and bowls are getting underway.

Our diaries are here to offer some guidance on the work required during the coming month. They are not set in stone, and local conditions will determine the work schedule.

Don't forget, you can also use our Pitchcare Forum, where members can ask for and offer advice on the whole range of sports turf surfaces issues.


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