Serviceteam buy more Hayter

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Serviceteam buy more Hayter


Serviceteam Ltd, the UK's largest private contractor, covering more than 60 local authority contracts, has placed a further substantial order for Hayter grass cutting machinery.

The order is mainly for LT322 ride on triples but also included are T424 ride on 5 unit machines and TM739 trailed 7 unit gang mowers. This latest order demonstrates Serviceteam's confidence in Hayter and follows on from an order for over 50 machines in 2000 and a similar number in 2001.

Phil Quelch, Serviceteam's fleet director said. "I have been in this business for more years than I care to remember and have had experience of many different manufacturers and their products, some have been good, some not so good. Operating costs are critical to us and we monitor very carefully all costs associated with machinery. Our experience, with a very large fleet of machines, proves downtime is lower with Hayter products than other manufacturer's. This more than justifies the higher purchase price we pay for Hayter machines."

"We also have an excellent relationship with staff at Hayter at all levels and find that they listen to us and respond quickly and efficiently to our needs. With an organisation like ours, that relationship is essential to our success."

The photo shows Hayter's territory manager Barry Halls with Phil Quelch (seated) at the Serviceteam's divisional headquarters at Nuthampstead near Royston in Cambridgeshire.

For more information please contact Kim Macfie at Hayter.

Tel: 01279 723444 Fax: 01279 600338 E-mail

or Richard Bishop Tel: 07740 102251 Fax: 01473 254566 E-mail:

11 July 2002

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