Setting the Standard

Kate Hopkinsin Chemicals & Fertilisers

Amenity management is the description encompassing all aspects of the management of public and sports spaces, keeping them safe, healthy and fit for purpose. It includes parks, green spaces, transport networks, domestic lawns, and golf and sports surfaces.

Steve Hodgson, CEO of the Property Care Association

Those employing organisations for amenity management and those using and enjoying such spaces quite rightly look for assurance that those undertaking the operations are at a UK recognised professional level just as if they were employing an electrical or similar trade contractor. In terms of weed, pest and disease management, the Amenity Standard provides that assurance. It indicates that the organisation responsible for that work is a member of an approved assurance scheme ensuring operators are fully qualified, committed to best practice and updating and using authorised products and equipment.

The UK Amenity Standard was launched in January 2020 and has rapidly developed with many now insisting that the Standard is met to provide full assurance of professional standards. It is a UK Standard and is independently managed and overseen by the Amenity Forum. Given below are some comments from the sector about the Standard. If you require more information please go to the website or contact Kate at

Tom Arnold, Vice Chair of the UK Lawn Care Association (UKLCA) says '' We became involved in the Amenity Standard as part of a programme of continuous professional development in the lawn care sector. Our main use of plant protection products is in the area of selective weed control within lawns and this is a critical tool in improving people's lawns that is impossible to achieve effectively by other methods. Our members are already qualified to apply products via the Government's recognised qualifications and the Amenity Standard offers us a UK recognised way of showing that our members engage with a recognised assurance scheme ( in our case Lawn Assured) that demonstrates their professionalism and that they are upholding the high standards we expect of them. The UKLCA is pleased and proud to promote the Amenity Standard.''

Steve Hodgson, CEO of the Property Care Association says '' The public is right to be cautious about the use of plant protection products and need assurance that they are being applied by trained, qualified and highly skilled individuals who will utilize them in a measured and targeted way. As a responsible Trade Association, we share this view. The Amenity Standard empowers professionals and consumers to recognise and choose organisations that operate far beyond basic legal requirements. In so doing we make visible those who have demonstrated their operational track record and a willingness and to work safely, sustainably and responsibly. Property Care Association and its members have welcomed the creation of the sector wide Amenity Standard. Our members are proud to be amongst the first to adopt the Standard and display this independently assessed accreditation. We hope that it soon becomes the Standard that all those who control plants and pests in our open spaces will be forced have to measure up to''

Duncan Jones, Director at Hortech says ''Hortech where the first company to gain the Amenity Standard and we are very proud of that. For me it is vitally important that Hortech can demonstrate to clients and the general public that we are working to the highest possible standards. When it comes to undertaking vegetation management, whether by cultural means or using herbicides there is no room for error or complacency. The Amenity Standard ensures that we maintain those high standards year on year. It is my hope that all procurement teams across the UK set the Amenity Standard as a must have for tender pre-qualification''

Ian Graham, MD of Complete Weed Control says '' Complete Weed Control for decades has aimed to deliver the highest of standards within our service provision, key in that endeavour is the support of the organisations that exist to improve the industry as a whole such as the Amenity Forum. The Amenity Standard is without question the single most important initiative. The Amenity weed control industry has never been under greater scrutiny than currently. Spraying operations that take place in public places are naturally and quite properly questioned. Being able to demonstrate that operators conform to a recognised and well-structured Standard is extremely important. The sooner that organisations are compelled to meet the Amenity Standard the better.