Seven reasons to choose TORO's new T7 Series Golf Sprinkler

Amy Ellinghamin Golf

Toro T7 SeriesToro Irrigation's latest sprinkler launch is the T7 Series Rotor, a rugged rotor specially designed to provide maximum watering efficiency and precision while withstanding the rigours of golf tee applications.

Perfect for both new and retrofit projects, Toro Irrigation's UK sales manager Robert Jackson shares his top seven reasons why the innovative new T7 sprinkler is the sprinkler of choice for greenkeeping professionals.

1. "My favourite feature is the T7's Smart Arc easy arc-adjustment feature. A simple dial on the top of the sprinkler allows you to adjust the arc from 45 to 360 degrees for dry arcing upon set-up and in field."

2. "What's more, Smart Arc returns the rotor to its original arc setting if tampered with - a handy feature for public golf courses."

3. "Available with a sturdy stainless steel riser, the T7 Rotor is more robust than most and benefits from our five-year warranty. Its heavy-duty retractable spring and water-lubricated gear drive, together with wiper seal to reduce sticking and leaks, add to the sprinkler's durability."

4. "Thanks to its near six-inch pop-up height and large radius, this sprinkler is ideal for medium-sized tee applications."

5. "The T7's high-efficiency nozzles deliver both precise watering and long distance of throw. In particular, a single port design ensures water is evenly distributed across the spray pattern without putting too much water near the head, which can otherwise cause seed to wash away."

6. "The T7 Rotor's nozzle tree offers seven available nozzles for maximum flexibility and ease of maintenance."

7. "But the best thing about the T7 Rotor is that it does exactly what it says on the tin - it's so simple to install and maintain. That's why it's particularly good for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of an existing irrigation system."

For further information on Toro Irrigation's new T7 Series Rotor, contact distributor Lely UK on 01480 226858, email or visit

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