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Putting the National Turfgrass Foundation

Conference in the Shade

By Martyn Jones

Throwing some light on the subject of shade is very much at the root of the proceedings of the 'Groundsmanship Sessions' at the NTF Conference in Southport on 18th to 21st November 2002.

World-renowned speakers from both sides of the Atlantic will share their vast experience on many of the problems faced by turf managers in this age of enclosed stadia. Amongst the illustrious line-up speakers are Dr Andrew Marsh, Centre for Research in the Built Environment, Cardiff University, who will be describing his unique work on 'Computer Modelling to Predict Light Levels in Sports Stadia'. Dr A. J. 'Al' Turgeon, Pennsylvania State University, researcher and author of 'Turfgrass Management', will get to the heart of one of our biggest problems, 'Control of Excess Organic Matter Accumulation in Sports Fields; and Dr Robert 'Bob' Shearman, University of Nebraska, will be very effectively 'Dealing with Shade Problems'.

Dr Mike Hann, Cranfield University, will be presenting the findings of his work into the 'Hydraulics and Efficiency of Sand Slit Drainage Systems', whilst Dr Stephen Baker, STRI, will be bringing delegates up-to-date on 'Surface Reinforcements for Sports Grounds'. Groundsmen who are bewildered by the array of products aimed at enhancing microbial activity in their root zones will be enlightened by 'Bob' Shearman's presentation on 'Understanding Biostimulants'. Those of you whose grounds have suffered from leaf spot problems in recent years will gain invaluable knowledge from the renowned pathologist, Dr Kate Entwistle, Turf Disease Centre; and a refreshing view on 'Late Season Fertilisation', will be presented by 'Al' Turgeon. But, be ready for a few surprises - his paper won't be a traditional autumn feeding programme - research has revealed a lot if interesting innovations.

The diversity of topics and superb technical content of the presentations has attracted accreditation of PDU units from BIGGA and applications are currently being processed for BASIS credit points and PDU units from the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America.

For further details on the NTF Conference and registration, contact Martyn Jones by phone or facsimile on 01995 670675, Louise Clegg on 07759 755844, or email

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