Shelton awarded Business Innovation Award

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Supertrencher++ 016.jpgShelton have been awarded the Business Innovation Award in the Lincolnshire Media Business Awards programme for their latest sportsturf trencher

Their new, advanced Supertrencher + bristles with new features. It is the result of comments from thousands of users over the past 25 years.

The Supertrencher + range has a two speed digging wheel enabling them to work at high speed for dry hard conditions, or more slowly for work in wetter soils. The digging wheel runs down the centre of the tractor, the hydraulic depth control being adjusted manually or by laser. The excavated soil is elevated via two conveyors into a trailer or dumper running alongside.

Another unique feature is the mounting of the newly designed conveyor which is hinged in such a manner it can be turned through 90 degrees to lay alongside the body of the machine for transport purposes.

At the rear of the new trencher an inspection port allows easy access to the tungsten carbide cutters enabling them to be changed by the operator in the standing position!

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