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6 tonne fast flow 006.jpgFollowing hot on the heals of their Lincolnshire Media Business Award for innovation with the recently launch Supertrencher +, Shelton have received another innovation award this time from the National Association of Agricultural Contractors. It was in recognition of their 6 tonne Fast-flow gravel and sand placement hopper.

Specialist contractors looking for ways to reduce operating costs should take a look at the latest trench backfilling equipment from the Shelton manufacturer.
The six tonne capacity machine is mounted on wide low ground pressure tyres and coupled to a tractor of 60+ hp. It is capable of back filling trenches from 50mm wide upwards at forward speeds of 5-6 miles per hour. It enables one operator to place gravel, Lytag and sands with virtually no spillage.

What has been a slow, tedious job can now be undertaken more quickly than the trenching operation, even when the operator loads the Shelton Fast-Flow hopper himself. With the optional extra rear view camera and the screen mounted in the tractor cab the driver has a clear view of the work without the need to be constantly looking over his shoulder.

Receiving the award at the NAAC conference at Stoneleigh, Mick Claxton (General Manager) said, "We listened to our customers who said they were looking to speed up their backfilling operations and as a result we designed the 6 tonne Fast-flow hopper. The feedback from users has been very positive and the innovation award is further endorsement of our product."

See the Shelton website email or telephone 01507 578288 for more details.

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