Sherriff Amenity Launch Waste Recycling Scheme.

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Sherriff Amenity Launch Waste Recycling Scheme.

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One of the most talked about subjects in the amenity arena is waste and how it should be disposed of. In May 2006 the Agricultural, Horticultural and Amenity sectors were brought in to line with other industries as to how they must deal with their waste. This states that you are not allowed to bury or burn waste but need to recycle or dispose of waste through the correct channels and in an environmentally friendly way.

The Government have recycling targets, set by the E.U. Until these targets are met the Government incur large daily fines. Currently we are not meeting these targets and so pressure is being put on everyone to increase the amount of waste recycled. If this doesn't happen, there is legislation in place, which could lead to high fines if caught breaking the law. One of the solutions the Government is looking at is to make the collection / disposal of waste the responsibility of the producer of that waste (Producer Responsibility).

Sherriff Amenity have been looking at the problem of waste and how they can help their customers deal with it. Over the last six months they have been working with Agriplass, a plastics collection company, to set up a collection scheme for their customers to collect and recycle all plastic waste. The scheme was launched in July 2006.

Sherriff Amenity are one of the first, if not the first, company to look towards providing their customers with a means of dealing with their plastic waste and with their customer's help and support will show the way forward for other companies in the future.

Working exclusively with Sherriff Amenity in the UK market, Agriplass are a family run business with franchises throughout the U.K. They have been collecting plastic for the past two years and pride themselves on being able to find processors, within the U.K., who can recycle 95% of all plastic collected. One of the ways the plastic is recycled is into drainage panels for use in draining Sports Fields, Golf Courses and other Amenity Grounds. In years to come we may find that plastic sent for recycling comes back to drain the field, course or ground it came from!

Agriplass have in place all the paper work required to provide a paper trail of where and when the plastic was collected and where it's being recycled. This is essential for correct disposal of waste of any kind. If you would like to know more about how the scheme works, please contact Sherriff Amenity on 01638 721888 or visit

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