Sherriff's twin boom sprayer a shrouded success

Laurence Gale MScin Parks

Sherriff's twin boom sprayer a shrouded success

By Laurence Gale MSc


Sherriff Amenity were showing off a complete range of amenity products and services at Saltex. However, the product that caught my eye (and it was certainly big enough!) was their new twin boom tractor mounted sprayer. What makes this product unique is the fact that it offers two booms in one.

The sprayer can operate in two modes, shrouded and non shrouded, giving the operator greater control during spraying operations, especially should weather conditions deteriorate.

The shrouds can be removed within minutes and stored on the sprayer. The shrouds have observation windows enabling the operator full vision of the spray nozzles during operation.

Sherriff Amenity was first introduced to this product in the United States and decided it would be appropriate to market for the UK turf grass industry. The benefits of this sprayer are obvious. If, during spraying operations, the wind speed increases the shrouds can be fitted, enabling the job to be completed, and preventing down time and delays to spraying programmes.sherriff-amenity-boom-IMG_0.jpg

Fixed shrouded boom sprayers are often difficult to calibrate because they tend to be suspended on wheel driven chassis that shake and rattle, affecting spray quality. Sheriff's new sprayer overcomes this problem by having free hanging air damping booms that are electronically controlled.

Sherriff have already sold seven of these machines into the UK turfgrass market and see the potential to sell many more to both the golf and Local authority sectors.

Sherriff Amenity have been trading for well over ten years, supplying the amenity and sports turf sector with many products and services. At Saltex Managing Director Mark Pyrah was pleased to receive a bronze award for best stand over 200 square metres.

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