Short clip shows TGX-150 make short work of long grass

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TGX 150 on JD 1445   5Local authorities and contractors can now view the mowing ability of the Wessex ProLine TGX-150 outfront flail mower from the comfort and convenience of their office desk. Broadwood International, manufacturers of Wessex ProLine professional groundcare equipment have just released a short clip showing the TGX-150 in action on roadside verges.

"After 6 weeks of drought-like conditions we hadn't reckoned on needing to dodge the raindrops when we set out to shoot this clip," says Bill Browning, marketing manager at Broadwood. "Typically, the first showers of the spring fell on us the moment we unloaded the TGX-150 and the John Deere power unit at the location! Still, it's an all-weather machine for an all-weather climate."

The clip shows the TGX-150 mowing lush verge grass as well as longer weeds and light scrub with equal effectiveness, and visibly demonstrates the power and capability of the mower in demanding conditions. The clip can be viewed at by typing TGX into the search bar.

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