SISIS Aer-Aid tines reduced by 50%

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SISIS Aer-Aid tines reduced by 50%

Now that the AER-AID air-injection aerator is well established, SISIS has been able to reduce the price of spare tines substantially.

A full set of 20 tipped tines is now £266 + VAT - a price reduction of 50%.

SISIS Joint Managing Director William Hargreaves said, "We always work hard to source high quality components for our machinery, at the best possible prices, to give our customers good value for money. AER-AID tines are specially designed to give a constant, precise injection of air, and have tips for extra durability. However, economies of scale and canny buying have allowed us to reduce the price significantly, with no compromise on quality."

SISIS are also introducing a strong, wider diameter AER-AID tine for use on outfield turf.

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As well as special low priced tine, for the next two months there is a very attractive low cost finance scheme from SISIS on the Aer-aid.
For example finance is available over 3 years with 3 + 33 monthly payments at a rate of only 2% Flat per annum or with annual payments 1+ 2 payments at just 1% Flat per annum.

For more details on this or other options to meet your cash flow, contact Douglas Boa at SISIS on 01625 503030 or John Westrope at Humberclyde Finance on 07860 816547.

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